Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

Hey Family and Friends!
Sorry about last week how I had to cut it short! That was very awful of me and I hope none of you worried! Ok so to continue briefly from last week...I was able to get a blessing and it was so awesome! I have been doing better since. There are still the struggles and challenges of a mission of course, but I am able to face them better. So I am grateful for that.
We have 2 investigators that are really doing awesome! Remi, our Atheist, is starting to really love the Book of Mormon and he really loves watching the Mormon Channel on Youtube that we told him about. He feels he can relate to the people in the certain situations and he said he even teared up a little bit. haha He is doing awesome! Please continue to pray for him. He is enjoying church and is planning on coming now. 
Last Friday we met Brittney. She is 20 years old and lives in Burlington and she is just so sweet! She has a big heart and really puts her trust in God. She was a referral from the elders in Platteville. They ended up baptizing her cousin so she became interested as she had sat in the lessons with her and gone to some church. She is so ready for the Gospel and I am so excited. We have already been able to teach her about where the Book of Mormon comes from, the Restoration, and the Plan of Salvation. It went so well and she asked us to come back. We are excited for her and hope to get her a baptismal date soon!
We are so pumped for Remi and Brittney! Please keep them in your prayers!
Last night was super crazy! Sister Wood and I ended up getting stuck in the snow on our way to a members home for dinner. It was a way bad blizzard yesterday that church was even cancelled! But even though people are told to stay inside, missionary work still goes on. I really struggle with this because a lot of members will tell us not to come over anymore because it is too dangerous outside, but our mission president doesn't say anything about it so we still have to go and do something. I was getting frustrated as the members kept dropping plans and they would tell us to stay home and I had to tell them that we can't. Since they dropped the plans we had to find something else to do...I would rather be in a members home than be in the cold. we were stupid and took a back road...I just typed the address in the GPS so I didnt know if it was going to be a back road or not. Long story short, we got stuck in the middle of no where and our car was in 2 feet deep snow. Some members finally found us and took us back to their house and they went back and pulled our car was pretty crazy and i felt so bad. They kept telling us not to use back roads when it was i suppose to know. oh well. the good thing is we got out. So ya it has been a really wild 24 hours. Hope you all are doing well. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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