Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 30 Baptism and the Temple! 11/10/14

Hello Family and Friends!
It was such an amazing week and Sister Smith and I are both so excited for our baptism coming up this next Monday or Saturday the 22nd...we still need to figure some stuff out, but that's beside the point! It will be my first baptism!!! geez only took 7 months! Which reminds me! I hit my 7 month mark yesterday and it was awesome! 7 month still is kind of little compared to those 14 month people haha but I am growing so much and I love it :) Also President Cutler thought it was funny to give me another companion that would be going home....So I get to send Sister Smith home Dec 18...its not that it is bad, but my trainer was going home as well and it just makes things 10 times more hard, but this time I know how to be stronger. Sister Smith isn't too trunky anyways though so I guess it could be worse. I know everything will go well though and we can't wait for Eric's baptism. Also we are most likely going to the Chicago temple Nov 21 with an awesome member, Vicki Crager ( by the way Mom, I have found more Star Valley people that you might know! I will get the info and get back to you). The plans aren't finalized yet, but if we do go it will take out our pday..I don't really know how all that works yet though. But I am excited because I really miss the temple!
On Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and it really went so well! I was able to invite a family in Kenosha to baptism and I didn't mess up! Sister Smith stayed in Elkhorn with Sister Reed and I went to Kenosha with Sister Silcox. I feel like I really was able to grow a lot more and Sister Silcox and I really hit it off. She is going into Fashion as well and she has a missionary in Mexico! It was so awesome to be able to relate to her. I asked her where in Utah she found a fashion program and she said she was doing a program though Utah State that lets you kind of create your own major and then she is able to finish up her fashion classes at Salt Lake Community College with a Bachelors in Fashion. I was so speechless when I hear all about this...I had no idea that there were schools that offered this...I am going to still think about it and when I get home I still want to research out other things too, but I want to look into it. But besides all that...My testimony strengthened so much on this exchange. I was able to experience being a true BOLD missionary. I have always struggled with being outgoing and such, but I really saw the change in me this time. I felt like this was really a successful exchange and I have been trying better at being that same awesome missionary in Elkhorn. I am excited to be here and work. Elkhorn is such a great place and there are so many people that are ready here. It also is such a small world here where everyone knows everyone so we find ways to teach more people that way and soon this whole town will be Mormon! :)
This weekend was also Stake Conference for the Milwaukee Stakes and it was so good. I love the way they do the talks now. (Maybe they have always done them this way and I never paid attention though :/) The recent converts will always speak in both sessions and it is so awesome for our investigators and us to hear their strong testimonies. I have just noticed that doing this really strengthens and builds everyone's testimony even more. We were able to hear so many strong testimonies that haven't even been in the church a year.
I know this church is TRUE! I really can't imagine not having the gospel in my life, probably because I have always been in it, but seriously I wouldn't be able to stand on my own two feet if it weren't for Jesus Christ and what he did for each and everyone of us. I really love this gospel! It is truly the key to happiness in this life and even after that. I hope my family knows that I really have a firm belief in this church. I want them to know that I really love them and I know that this whole "eternity" thing is real. I want to see them all in that Celestial Kingdom :)
Thank you everyone for the support and love you have given to me! This mission is so amazing and it is just what I need. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton :)
My district 
Sister Eaton on far right and comp. Sister Smith next to her 

7 months down for Sister Eaton

 14 months for Elder Taylor 

Week 29 Enduring to the End 11/3/14

Hello Family and Friends,
We had a good week this week, but it was a bit of a struggle. I have been sick now for about 2 weeks and it wouldn't go away. Mom, I tried everything! But today I am finally starting to feel better and so things are looking up now!
We were able to get a baptism date last night and we are all excited! Eric has been investigating the church since July I think. He really loves the Book of Mormon and is so excited to be baptized. We all decided that he will be baptized on his birthday, November 17. It is a Monday, but we decided to make an exception since he wants to have a "Re-birthday". We are all so excited and think it will be an awesome and spiritual baptism. Eric already has such a strong testimony. I love to see the changes people make out here! Its so awesome to see them from day one to day 100! The progress that is made is so amazing. With God's help anything is truly possible! 
Halloween went well, I mean it isn't exactly the funnest on a mission, but we manged to have some fun and get candy. Thank you family for the package you sent me! It was perfect and just what I needed. I will send pictures of it. Rachel, those pictures of Ruby were priceless! I was dying laughing. Our ward had a Trunk or Treat Halloween Party on the 29th so we went to that and had a lot of investigators and potentials there. It was good to have everyone there and to be fellowshipped. Sister Smith and I tried our best to have a Halloween costumed put together. She was Ana from Frozen because all the little girls here think she really looks like her and I was Little Red Riding Hood because of my red coat. 
We have some bad news :( Our mission president emailed us and announced that there are some complications with the iPads so it will be a while until they arrive. I am pretty bummed because I was totally feeling that they would be here this month, but he said to not even count on anytime before darn it, but oh well. It is just annoying that they keep saying things and then they don't happen. I guess this is where patience comes in :p
Right now the work is booming in Elkhorn though. People are ready and we are getting the Lord's work done here. We have an investigator, Heidi, who knows EVERYONE! So we get a lot of investigator referrals from her. I am doing well and learning a lot. This mission has been such a great experience for me and I have gone through many challenges. I know there are more to come as well so I try my best to look for the good and be positive. I miss you all so much and being sick has been pretty crappy because I have become a little homesick, but I know that if I keep going I won't regret it and many blessings will come from it. I love you all so much! Thank you for all the letters and support. Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Halloween- dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

 Looks like she got our package, zebra footie jammies! 

 First snow on Halloween 

Week 28 Cough Achoo

Hello Family & Friends,
Oh wow this week had been pretty crazy. Guess who has a lovely cold!! yup I do..ugh this is like the first thing that had made me homesick. Last night I got no sleep at all. We went and bought medicine today so hopefully i will feel better soon. Mom, I miss you taking care of me and I really miss being able to just stay in bed. There is no time to take breaks. Too many appointments! Aw oh well...guess it will help me become tough right? Like Mom would always say..."just buck up!" I still wonder where she got that from..
So I hoped you enjoyed the flower boy story from last week. Don't worry, everyone here thinks I am I am pretty safe. I told Sister Smith that she needs to start dumbing down and acting more immature because she just got asked out AGAIN last night by another investigator....he thought she was much 20 years older...haha 
We are staying safe though. I promise we are never alone with these sketchy Wisconsinites. I know we have to be smart and be cautious of people. Mom and Dad, you know how paranoid I am about people kidnapping me. So I still put up my guard. We also pray A LOT. 
We are hoping to get new baptismal dates this week. We have an investigator named Eric and he is really close. He really has enjoyed the singles ward and he actually went on a date this week with a Mormon girl and he told us it was "wonderful" so thats good. :)
Yesterday morning I totally biffed it down the stairs of the apartment. Sister Smith thought I passed out because i haven't been feeling well. It pretty much hurt a lot and I got some scrapes but we keep laughing about it. I am so clumsy sometimes. 
Last week for Pday we went and strolled around Lake Geneva! It was wonderful and beautiful. I got a cool Lake Geneva hoodie! Hallelujah for warmth. No more souvenirs for me for a long time.... :)
It was fun to look in all the shops though. I felt like I was back in San Francisco again :)
Today we are just going to relax and let my body rest...I would much rather have my head chopped off at this point. Mom I bought bean with bacon soup today:) Hopefully that will help me feel better. I just want you all to know that I have been able to maintain my weight so far! :) hehe 
Ok sorry for no awesome story today. I must go and feel better.
Pray for me.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Countdown for Sister Eaton

 Countdown for Elder Taylor