Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I got corned in Wisconsin! 10/12/2015

Hey Family and Friends!
What a week! 
We had a Zone Training Meeting in Oshkosh. It was a good last meeting and lots of great things discussed for the next few months. We all got ice cream for exceeding our goal of 75 baptisms from July to September 30th. We got 79 it was great!
We also had a great lesson with an investigator couple, Kaitlyn and Darrel. They are an interesting couple haha they want to find a church but they dont want to go to ours. i dont know...haha
we talked about where the book of mormon came from and it seemed to spark their interest more. they went from not going at all to that they might go...sweet! IMPROVEMENT!
We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my 18 months down! It was delicious. i got ribs :) but then i had a blonde moment and put the box with my leftovers in my purse and it leaked and got corn juice all in my bag! that was exciting. that corn was put in the garbage can and i ate the last rib the next day. it was a good celebration though.
We were also able to see Lila who is an investigator! she is sweet and has a Texan accent! She loves the Plan of Salvation. we had a great lesson with her. 
i was very sick this weekend with a whole bunch of sinus and throat stuff. i was not feeling well at all yesterday. i still went to church, but it was very miserable. i was able to receive a blessing from the elders in the ward and I go home and rest. I am really grateful for the priesthood. I feel 10x better today. I  know that through the power of God anything is possible. I  have truly experienced that on my mission. I love you all. Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 5 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope you all enjoyed General Conference! What a wonderful conference it was. I got a lot of emphasis about trusting in the Lord. I am really working on that. As I have been doing that I have seen myself becoming more confident. Sharing the gospel isn't so hard from me and it has been so wonderful to be able to just go out and teach with little fear. I still get nervous, but I am beginning to see that God is right behind me to catch me. It has also been a very humbling experience as I have needed to let go of my pride and let Him "take the wheel". I didn't ever realize the pride that I had until I got out here. My mission has been a very eye opening thing for me and I am truly grateful for it. 
This past week, we have been struggling to get in with our investigators. It is really frustrating and sad to me. I wish that these people knew how much this gospel could bless them. They will sit there and complain to us about how their life is hard and if they could just give up smoking or if they could just get a better job then they could start meeting with us because they would have more  "time". I am starting to realize that as we see this happening with almost everyone that we can all start now! Start where we are right at this moment because God and Jesus Christ will take in anyone and everyone at anytime in their life. We just need to take that first leap of faith. It reminds me of a talk that was given this last weekend...I wish I could remember who it was by and what it was called, but it talked about how there is never a time when you are "hopeless". I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that anyone can get back on their feet and missionaries are here to help with that too. If you are going to start somewhere why not here....? right?
On  the other side though, Leann, who is the elder's investigator, but we see her as well, and her husband, Chris, are both doing well. They had us and the elders over for dinner the other night and had a good talk. Chris made his famous Gumbo...I tried it, but I didn't dare eat the crawdad. ugh. It wasn't bad. Kind of spicy. I don't mind spicy though. But one of the elders and Chris finished it for me. 
We went to this less active's house for dinner on Saturday night after the afternoon session. We got there and she came to the door and told us that we could all sit outside and talk because her ex brother in-law was on the couch sleeping (wisconsin can be complicated with their families :p) So we sat there and talked to her a little bit....still waiting for her to say something about dinner...Then we finished up and said a prayer with her. It was a good talk and she did watch some of General Conference so that made us happy. Then we got in our car and Sister Brewer looks at me, "Well....Arbys?!" 
"Ha I am way ahead of you Sister!"
Sometimes people forget that they are feeding us, but its ok :)
Last night was kind of an interesting experience. There is this family that is semi- interested (the kids are excited to learn but the parents are not). So as we try and teach the kids, the parents and their friends are talking over us...its weird. But it was kind of cool last night because the 3 girls were there and then their friend and some other friends of their parents. It started out with just Savannah listening to us but then Harmony came over and said,"oh! I want to listen". Then their friend sat in and it was just this circle of young girls from 7 to 11. We started teaching the Plan of Happiness and they all had so many questions! I really felt like Jesus as the circle felt like it was getting bigger and bigger with children that wanted to listen! I am sure that the adults were quietly listening though. It went well though and we hope that we can start teaching them all in better environments.
Well I hope  you all have a great week! If you  haven't watched conference yet then go watch it!!
I love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14 2015

Hello family and friends!
Transferred again! Ya i know! WEIRD! But thankfully this will be my last. Next transfer I will be home. Its so strange to think about. 
Well it was a crazy week. I had to say goodbye once AGAIN to Sister Kunz and it was bitter sweet. We were able to get everything packed amzingling. We drove down to Milwaukee so she could pick up her trainee and I rode up to Oshkosh from Milwaukee to meet Sister Brewer, my new comp. I was able to see one of my previous companions, Sister Wood. She was going home and so we got to take pictures and say goodbye. 
Then sister Brewer and I were off! We drove down to West Bend and got some lunch. We live in a members house. I was a little hesitant when I heard that just because of past experiences. So far it hasn't been too bad though. Sister Blank is very sweet and she has a nice house. No spiders and she keeps it clean!
The ward here is great and they sure love the missionaries. I wish I got a quarter every time I was hugged or shook someones hand. haha 
Sister brewer is great as well. We are both very different from each other, but we both love this work so that is all that matters. sister brewer has been out for 6 months and West Bend has been her only area so far. she is from Clay Springs, Arizona. I have become the senior companion once again. This area is cool. I feel like it is like a little bit of all my areas mixed together. There are little things that remind me of all of my areas so it makes me feel a little more comforted. 
We have a small teaching pool right now but we plan on building it up. I really want to work my hardest here and put all the rest i have in these last 5 weeks! I know i will miss it when i go home so I want to love every second i have here. 
Last night we went over to an older lady's house to visit her. Her name is Leona and she is the sweetest thing. We talked about the spirit world (my favorite topic) and I was sitting on the couch by myself while Sister brewer and Leona were each on a recliner chair. I was thinking about the times where I have felt alone in my life and on my mission, but then I always go back to how I am not alone. I could feel the embrace of my relatives that have passed on and doing greater work in the spirit world. Most specifically my Grandma and Grandpa Eaton. I could feel them sitting right next to me on either side. Then I thought about how not only is it just my relatives, but also my Heavenly Father. He truly knows everything I have been through and will go through. I love this gospel. It has truly blessed my life and the lives around me. I love that I will be with my family forever. 
Next Wednesday, Sister Brewer and I will have the opportunity to go to the Chicago Temple. That will be our Pday so don't plan on next Monday for me to email, but Wednesday the 23rd. I am so excited to be able to go again. I was able to go at the beginning and now the ending of my mission and it will  be a great way to finish it off. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Please pray for Makayla and Carol as we are praying to get back in contact with them and have baptismal dates with them this week. 
I love you all.

My new address:
657 Polaris St. 
West Bend, WI 

Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Wow I can't believe I have 6 weeks left of my mission! I am also being transferred tomorrow to West Bend! I am kind of stressed out because I have to pack everything up again...blah. At least the next time I pack it all up I will be heading on a plane. Then I will never have to pack again! haha jk
So this week has been a little crazy after all that has gone on. 
Autumn is doing great and she is still good for her baptismal date. She loves church and wants to make it a priority in her life. We were able to have a great lesson with her and a member. We watched the Restoration and even though there were 5 kids running around being loud haha Autumn was glued to the TV and she said she was able to really feel the spirit! She was able to gain a confirmation that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church and that the Book of Mormon is true! Sister Kunz and I were really just blown away! She is awesome. Last night she wanted to add me on Facebook so I am excited to keep in contact with her after my mission. Please continue to pray for her. Sister Kunz will be training and I know she is way nervous, but she will do great!
Please continue to pray for me as these last 6 weeks will be awesome, but also challenging for me. I know that Satan is going to try to throw some bullets at me. I am trying my best to prepare for it all. I want to work hard and my best these last few weeks though. 
Well I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe. 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope this week has gone well for you all. Surprisingly, it went by pretty fast even though we had no car all week. We walked a lot! We did ok though. We are now more tough :) 
Our investigator, Autumn came to church yesterday! We were so happy. I made her pinky promise me that she would come so I think that is the trick now :p The members were wonderful though. They took her right in and her kids had lots of fun. We were able to schedule to see her 2 times a week now and we are going to invite her to have a baptismal date this week! We are shooting for October 3rd. I was laughing about how all the baptisms I have been to lately have all been on someone's birthday back home. I think that is the trick also! 
We were able to be seen by lots and lots of people this week as we walked everywhere. Sometimes when we aren't able to actually talk to people, people seeing us on the sidewalk is still a seed planted. We did have a lot of people cancel on us when we finally got to their house, that was a little frustrating. I am working on letting things go though.
Tomorrow we have a zone training meeting. It will be my last one. 
We get our car back today :) They even washed and vacuumed our car. That really made our day.
As I am nearing the end of my mission, President Cutler has asked me to write down goals and plans for 1 year after my mission. It has been pretty easy because I am a future oriented person already, but I have been thinking about specific things. I plan on continuing my good habits of scripture study that I gained on my mission. There are few times on a mission when we aren't able to do our studies in the morning and when we don't I feel like something big is missing. Praying every morning helps put on the armor of God for the day, but its that scripture study that truly helps it stay on throughout the day. I am excited to keep that habit going after my mission. 
I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
This week we had a great lesson with a less active that no one had been able to get in with for a while. Lorie hasn't been to church for like 20 years and she has kind of gone a little bitter. She is so sweet though and let us right in. We were able to talk to her about almost everything. We were all able to relate with having anxiety. Sister Kunz and I immediately felt God's love for her as she became open to us. We were so grateful that she wanted to talk to us and get her life back in order. It was a really good talk and the spirit was there. I was able to say things that really helped her as I tried to relate to her. I love when I can't really remember what I said in a lesson that went really well because then I know the spirit was directing it and that means I am worthy of the spirit and that means I am doing my job and fulfilling my purpose as a missionary :) That night was when a big rain storm hit so that was an adventure to drive in. Our correlation meeting got canceled so we decided to go to a less active part member home and we figured since it was pouring rain that they would have to let us in :p
He let us right in and we were able to meet his lovely wife who is not a member and is kind of stand offish with the church. She was very nice to us though and we were able to create a good relationship with her. It was a great blessing with the rain and all. We sister missionaries can be sneaky sometimes!
On Wednesday we go volunteer at an altimers? Alztimers? alzimers?(i cant spell this word for my life! you get the idea) and dementia home with one of our investigators, Autumn. We helped tie dye socks with them and it was a blast! They all wanted to use yellow so there was a dilemma with that. I can see why though. Yellow is a good color.
We had a good exchange this week with the STLs. I stayed in Sun Prairie and got to be with Sister Clark who is from the Ukraine and is out here doing her 3 months of proselyting because she is a temple square missionary. she will go back to temple square in October I think so I told her I would visit her when I got home. She is a sweetheart and is really enthusiastic about the work! She loves the idea of being OUTSIDE of the square right now. She says sometimes you want some change. We had a great time together though. Chatting about City Creek, Temple Square and dub step :p 
Sister Kunz and I were also so privileged to attend yet ANOTHER BAPTISM this Saturday :) Brother Eric Brown from Madison 4th ward was finally baptized after being taught in February. I think he went through 7 sister missionaries...? All I know is that only 3 weren't able to come because they are all home, but he was able to have most of us there. It was a blessing that I was able to come back because I am in the Madison zone. It was a great night though. Most people in 4th ward didn't remember me, ha but that's ok. It was a fun night. Well I love  you all! Have a great week! Be safe.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
This week has been quite a blast. We most likely spent most of our week outside of our area than in it. We had to go to Madison on Tuesday for my appointment with the therapist. That went well and I think that this is really going to help me out a lot. Although Madison traffic is much like New York traffic, but we survived. We had a great time at a member's birthday party later that night. It is always fun to go to those things and be able to bond with the members on a informal level. They seem to like you a lot more :p
We had zone conference on Wednesday. Not just any zone conference though. This was my last one! It sure did sneak up on me. So that meant that I would be one of those missionaries that would stand up and bear my testimony about my mission and be all emotional and such. It was a great zone conference though. I always love President and Sister Cutler's trainings because they always focus on eternal families. They always say, "Eternal life is Family life". 
We are in finding mode here in Sun Prairie so there isn't much flourishing going on yet. We are still both getting to know the members and help build their trust. It isn't always an easy thing. I have always struggled at trying to build it up again after some missionaries have been difficult for members to work with them. But Sister Kunz and I work well together so hopefully it will help.
On Saturday we had such a great day! We had the privilege to go BACK to Stevens Point for Mackenzie's baptism! Stephanie Jarrett from Stevens Point was SO generous to drive down from Stevens Point and pick us up from Sun Prairie to take us back up to Stevens Point for the baptism. We were so ecstatic! I really wasn't expecting to be able to go because we had to find someone to drive us because we both don't know the Sun Prairie ward very much and so the only other way would be someone from Stevens Point, but that is such a long drive. Sister Jarrett hopped in her car at 2 pm and picked us up at 4 pm and we made our mini road trip back up to Stevens Point.
When Sister Kunz and I walked in the church we both felt like we were walking into Heaven. It was such an amazing reunion with everyone.
It was such a glorious baptism! They had 3 men carry Mackenzie into the font and it all was done with ONE dunk! The spirit was so strong there and I was on the verge of crying. She was so ready and I am so excited for her to receive so many more blessings for taking that step of faith.
After she was baptized, she even bore her testimony to her friends and we were both just so astonished! She has grown so much since I left. Then Sister Smith, the RS pres, got up to welcome her to RS. She mentioned the temple and that it was Mackenzie's next step. If you remember, Mackenzie was very uneasy about the temple. That was one of her bumps in the road that was difficult for her to cross. But when Sister Smith talked about it Mackenzie cheerfully smiled and said she was so excited to prepare for the temple now. Aw that just truly melted my heart! I love this girl so much! I told her I would Skype her in October so we are both looking forward to that!
Afterwards, Sister Kunz and I had to quickly say our goodbyes. Sister Jarrett needed to drive us all the way back again! I won't say how late we got home, but we all arrived safely home :p
Sunday was such a wonderful renew as I was able to partake of the sacrament for this next week. Since I have been out on my mission and I have been able to understand the Atonement and the Sacrament more, I have really learned to love Sundays. Not that I didn't before, but the sacrament has so much more significance now. I feel so ready to start the next week.
Last night we were also able to get in contact with an investigator that has been hard to get a hold of lately. I hadn't met her yet so it was such a blessing that she was home. Iris is such a sweetheart and her and I clicked so fast! We both went on and on about interior design and Sister Kunz had to remind me that we had a curfew haha oops. We were able to set a return appointment and we made it home on time as well. I am so excited to see what this week brings. I am not to fond of exchanges this week so please pray for me with that. Thank you for all of your support. I love you all and can't wait to see you soon!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Sun Prairie has been great. I have met a few members and they seem great as well. It is weird though because I am with Sister Kunz again, but I don't know the area yet so my brain is freaking out. So everything just feels like a dream right now. haha but i think that is mostly because things are coming to an end...all of you guys back home...ya you are all a dream right now :p 
Anyway, there are a lot of potential investigators we are hoping to work with soon! The mission got rid of the Sun Prairie Elders a few months ago so we have a lot of their people too. I am still getting the hang of a lot of things. Not a big fan of our apartment neighbors, but I am a big girl haha 
I am grateful for the Lord's protection though. :)
I feel terrible because I don't have much to say today. my mind is still going everywhere because of transfers. I love you all though!
Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Wow what a week! We had interviews with President Cutler on Wednesday and I finally opened up to him about some things I have been struggling with. I just have always had a hard time opening up to people. It is hard for me to trust people because of past experiences in my life. But after praying and praying so much that I think God probably just got annoyed with me, I finally talked to President about things. We decided that for my last 2 transfers I would go to a mission therapist to help me with my anxiety. I expressed to him that even though I will be finishing up my mission that I am still nervous about after my mission and life decisions that will be coming up. We talked about how this will be great for me to learn how to help myself and know how to handle my anxiety better. He told me that usually people just need 3 appointments and then they are usually able to handle missionary life better so it will be perfect for the amount of time I have left. I feel so much weight off my shoulders. My interview with him went very well and when I share my testimony with him and I am to see how much I have grown and changed. I am so grateful this Atonement! It is truly so healing and we all need it in our lives. I definitely know that without it I wouldn't be where I am now. It has helped me to conquer lots and lots of challenges I have. The other day we were teaching our investigator, Crystal, and she expressed to us that she has anxiety. It was so perfect because we were talking about the Holy Ghost and I was able to testify that the Holy Ghost is the ultimate comforter and he has helped me so much in my life with my anxiety. It couldn't have been more perfect :) I know she felt the peace and comfort that the Holy Ghost offers.
After lots of trying to make a lesson work out with President Cutler and Sister Cutler and Mackenzie, we finally got one Saturday morning through Skype. This was my first lesson to go through Skype so it was a bit interesting. Sister Schlosser, Mackenzie and I set up Skype on Mackenzie's computer and we were able to video chat with President and Sister Cutler and have a lesson about the temple. The lesson was so great and really, the Cutler's didn't do much...it was all the spirit. The lesson went so well and Mackenzie was able to have her concerns resolved about the temple. Then as we were finishing up, President Cutler asked us to step out of her apartment so he could interview her to be baptized right then and there! Ah we were freaking out! We left the room and that is when we found out I was being transferred! We were both shocked!
We came back into the room and President told us that Mackenzie was ready to be baptized! We set a date for August 15th (Yay for Cody and Grandpa Dallimore's birthday :) ) and then President said that I would be able to come back for the baptism! Yay! normally you have to be within an hour away to go to a baptism, but I am farther away than that so i feel really special that he is letting me come back! plus sister kunz knows Mackenzie as well so it will be exciting for her too!
I am excited to be a better person when I get home. I know I won't be perfect by any means. I will still mess up, but I have such a different perspective of the gospel now and my testimony is so much stronger then when I left home.
 I love you all! I have run out of time so I will talk to you next week!
Have a great week and pray for me! continue to pray for Mackenzie as she prepares for the 15th!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, July 20, 2015

June 20 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
It sure has been a week of tracting! Honestly, I don't think I have tracted so much on my mission! It has been quite an adventure though. You always meet the most interesting people though. Many people will approach us and say they are Christian and that they don't want to talk to us....I just don't understand haha What is the world saying about what we believe in? Goodness! Look at our name tags please.
Anyway, we had a lesson with Mackenzie this week. We taught about temples and marriage and she wasn't able to really sit well with it. Unfortunately she doesn't want to be baptized right now, but we are going to have a lesson with her on Wednesday with our mission president, President Cutler. Hopefully, he will be able to explain things better. Haha we tried our best. So we are praying that that will go well. 
We also had a great lesson with Crystal and Tania. They are sister in laws. Tania married Crystal's brother. We had a great lesson on the Plan of Happiness and they said they would pray about it. We are excited to invite them to baptism this week and to church! They are so sweet! 
Saturday, we did a new finding activity!! Us and the elders did a free lemonade stand down by the river. It went pretty well. Some people didn't want any...maybe they think we poisoned it..who knows. But overall it went pretty good. We were able to talk to a hand full of people and answer their questions. I think the elders gained a few new investigators! it was fun and perfect for a hot day. 
Hopefully this week goes well. We will find out about transfers this Saturday so don't send letters anytime after tomorrow! hopefully i stay though. i love you all! have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 2015

Hello Family and Friends
What a great week it was!
Sister Schlosser and I decided to try a new finding technique by drawing the Plan of Happiness out on the sidewalk for people to see. So far it hasn't sparked many people's attention, but a few people have been curious! I is way fun too! You know how much I love chalk :)
Mackenzie is doing awesome. She loves church and the members. We had to drop her date unfortunately, due to some law of Chastity issues, but she has a big desire to change and we are going to help her every step of the way. Hopefully, she will be able to be baptized before I leave. We are feeling sometime in September. 
We also found another April the other day while tracting. She is awesome and asked us to come back to teach her more. She is going through a rough time in her life right now and going through a divorce. She is looking for more answers and happiness and told us we came just at the right time! I love when things line up perfectly...makes me think that God is truly real and knows what he is doing ;) We are excited to go see her tomorrow morning! She was even willing to meet with us even though she works 3rd shift! (Graveyard shift) at Walmart. 
The week was able to end with an awesome baptism for Mark Moore, the elder's investigator. Everything went well (except for Mark showing up in his swimming suit haha oops) and Mark's wife even came. She is a little hesitant about the church right now so it was good to see the ward in a different setting. Lots of people talked to her and made her feel welcome. Hopefully her heart will soften and will want to learn more now that Mark has been baptized.
I am so  excited for the next upcoming week! So many miracles happening in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Mission. Please pray for Mackenzie and Brianna (a less active who we are trying to get back to church). Also we are in finding mode right now so pray that we will be able to find more people for our teaching pool. Love you all! Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
It has been a great week! I hope you all had a great 4th of July! 
We had a huge shindig at the Thompsons. 
Mackenzie's baptism date needed to be moved to August 1st only because we didn't think we would have enough time to teach everything which is a great reason! haha 
I am doing well and things here in Stevens Point are awesome! I am so sorry this is so short! I ran out of time this week. Please continue to pray for Mackenzie that she can be baptized on August 1st! 
I love you all! Have a lovely week and a fun summer!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
It has been a great week! Lots of miracles have truly taken place. We have one baptismal date now and it is Mackenzie! We are so excited for her and she is excited as well. We are all working towards July 18th. So far she has been to church twice and a baptism. She loves church so much and loves to participate. Mackenzie is so prepared, its insane! The members are such great help also. 
We also are moving!! The elders' lease will be up soon and so they are going to move into our apartment and we will be moving into our actual area! Yay for being able to save our miles! We were able to find our apartment in a few days and the senior couple in charge of the apartments and cars approved right away! We are so excited because it is a really nice place and it is right in the middle of everything. We also have a garage! We will be moving there August 1st so hopefully none of us will be transferred during the July transfer! So my address will change soon so please be aware of that. 
The next transfer will be July 29 so please remember to not send any mail or packages from July 20-August 3 until i am able to let you know if i have been transferred or not.
Please remember to pray for Mackenzie as she is preparing for baptism. The adversary really likes to attack hard once they have a date to work towards. Pray for April as well please. She is struggling to quit smoking still. 
Things are going well here in Stevens Point. I love it here. I would love to live in a college town, maybe like Logan. The ward here is awesome as well. We have been invited to the Thompsons' for the 4th of July for dinner so we are excited for that. They like to spoil the missionaries!
This morning I finished a talk in the March 2014 Ensign titled, "Trials, Tribulations, and Trust in the Lord". It really touched my heart and I would encourage you all to read it. If you have already read it...read it again! I am working on trusting the Lord more and I am seeing so much of the burdens I have become lighter because of it :) Life is so much easier when you let the Savior take over.
I love you all!
Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 2015

Hello family and friends!
What a quick week it has been! I sent Sister Kunz off to Sun Prairie and then welcomed Sister Schlosser to Steven's Point. She came from Madison so I knew her a little before when I was serving down there too. Sister Schlosser is from Medford, Oregon and has been on her mission since November. She is a ginger and is awesome. We are doing great here and have had a good few days. I have only been in Stevens Point for a transfer so I am still just as new as she is. We are both trying to still get to know the area still and just exploring things together. It has been quite an adventure. I have also moved up to be senior companion! What? I didn't see that coming... Lots of responsibility jumped into my lap this transfer. We also have to move into another apartment in August so we get to prepare for that as well. Haha I am definitely learning to trust God right now because I have no idea what I am doing! (As most of us do :p) But overall, things are going well and I am somehow handling everything. 
This week we had a great lesson with our investigator, Mackenzie. She is so sweet and was a member referral. She is in a wheelchair and lives in an assisted living home. Probably about late 20s. She really seems to soak things in really well. She loves this gospel and we are excited to share it with her. Yesterday, Mackenzie came to church and it was a great surprise because we really weren't expecting it. She loved the service and stayed for all 3 hours! She participated in Gospel Principles and even Relief Society! The lessons were on the Holy Ghost and it was just what she needed. She told us afterwards that she cried a little too. Happy tears of course! We were just so thrilled and the ward was so kind as well. They all wanted to know who she was and sit by her. It all went so well. We have scheduled to see her twice a week now and plan to set a baptism date with her this week also! She is so prepared :) 
We also were able to gain a new investigator, Bryan. He is into motor cross and such and seems pretty cool. We are excited to start teaching him as well. 
Stevens Point is going so well and it is truly full of miracles! 
It is so amazing to be able to see when it things just "click" for people and they finally get it! That turning point is when they become humble and teachable and when the spirit truly works. I have learned to rely on the spirit so much on my mission. I am so grateful to have the Holy Ghost with me at all times. I know I would be lost without him. As would we all.
I love you all! Have a great week! Please keep Mackenzie in your prayers as we set a baptism date with her this week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15 2015

Hello family and friends!
What a bitter sweet week it has been! Sister Kunz will be transferring on Wednesday to Sun Prairie :'( but it was a good last week with her. I have only been with her for a transfer, but I love her so much and I know we will be the best of friends after out missions as well :) I am so grateful for the friendships i have been able to make on my mission. 
My new companion will be someone i don't know very well..obviously. I don't know how her name is spelled and it is long so it got cut off on the transfer board so i cant tell you right now...haha sorry. i will tell you next week though. This week was quite a miracle though. As of right now we have 5 baptismal dates. April is doing well and she asked to move her date up to June 27th because she is done waiting and being stuck in the same cycle. she is quitting smoking right away and we are so excited for her. we also have Gina and her son Oscar and also Gina's friend April (another April!) and her daughter Lexie. They all need your prayers. 
I am sorry this is so short. I have run out of time! but i will talk to you all of you next week!
I love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8 2015

Hello family and friends!
It has been such a wonderful week full of miracles! Sacrifice definitely brings forth the blessings of Heaven :)
Dawn was able to be baptized this last Saturday and confirmed yesterday. It was such a wonderful experience and the spirit was so strong there. Dawn's son was able to attend and Sister Wilson's (Dawn's best friend and a less active that is returning to church) sister, brother, grandson, and neice also attended as well. They are either all non members or less active so it was so good to have them all there!
We are not worried about Dawn too much. She has a strong testimony and you can really see that she loves her Savior. The ward is also really good at fellowshipping her. They took her right in and have all been so much help. We are excited to now help Dawn prepare for the temple :)
April is also doing very well this past week. She has set another date for baptism (July 11th) and the ward and us are helping her with whatever she needs. She has not smoked for about 3 or 4 days now and is doing well and keeping herself busy. We are having a bon fire at the Thompson's ( This is the family we went to skype for mothers day) tonight and we are hoping to invite April. We are so excited for April because literally all she needs to do is quit smoking and be dunked in that font! The members already love her and she is already taken in. April reminds me of my sister, Rachel, because she is just so smiley and goofy. I know she is going to make it :) Please continue to pray for her because she is so close!
Sister Kunz and I are doing awesome and have been doing our best to be diligent and obedient. We fasted for April yesterday and have already seen lots of miracles from it. I know my Heavenly Father is so aware of me and my life. He knows everything I am going through and the things I need specifically for me. I have learned that all I need to do to receive the help is to just ask. As long as my desires are in line with his then everything is able to just fall into place and be taken care of. That is something I am working on to remember. I just need to learn to truly Trust God. It simply just always goes back to my favorite quote (and Rachel's ) by Elder Jeffrey R.Holland, "Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end.Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

Thank you all for supporting and cheering me on during this great time in my life. It definitely isn't an easy thing, probably one of the hardest things in my life, but I know it will all be worth it. I love you all! Have a great week.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had a good birthday for the fact that we can't do much as missionaries, but Sister Kunz did a good job at making it fun. I opened my presents throughout the day when we would come home for lunch and dinner. We got to go to Arby's for lunch and that was so good! I can't believe how much I ate! One Beef and Cheddar (without the red sauce) with curly fries and a drink and of course that still isn't enough so I also got a french dip on the side. It was just so good! 
We were quite busy as well and had a few lessons throughout the day so that was good. Pretty good for Memorial day too! There was a few hours where we had to go out and tract and there we met some interesting people as well as you always do. 
Sister Kunz lost her planner and we were looking for it and tearing apart everything inside the car because a missionaries planner is our life! I looked at our phone and noticed that we had a missed call by an number we didn't recognize and a voicemail. We listened to the voice mail and it was a guy calling saying that he had her planner! We were so amazed at how fast it had been found. We called him back and was able to meet up with him. The street he found it on wasn't even on a street we went on so it was truly a miracle that someone had found it. We think Sister Kunz had left it on top of the car and it flew off as we drove away. We gave him card and told him thank you. 
This week was also Dawn's baptismal interview. Because of some things in Dawn's past, President Cutler needed to come up and interview her. He said she was good but we needed to still watch for her problem with coffee. We ended up having to reschedule her baptism for June 6th instead because they need to be off any word of wisdom issue for at least 2 weeks. We are still excited for Dawn though. She is definitely going to make it and she really has a desire to be baptized. Please continue to pray for her this week. 
This next week is going to be great! I hope you all have a great week! I love you all.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
I am so amazed at this week! So when I came into this area the sisters didn't have a phone. They had lost it the Monday before I came so we have been trying to survive without a phone for almost 2 weeks now. Well, it turns out that the sister before me ended up accidentally taking it HOME to Missouri...! She was able to send it back to us and we finally got it on Friday. Such a miracle. We still have no idea how it ended up in her bag though. It was a good laugh though. So now that we have a phone it has been so much easier and the work has been able to go better. We did our best without it, but we felt that the work came to a halt a little bit. Once we got the phone we made LOTS of calls :) We had a total of 16 voice mails. That was a fun evening. 
We have a baptismal date coming up on May 30th and we are so excited! Dawn is such a sweetheart. She is probably in her 50s or 60s and her best friend, Jenny, is a less active in our ward. It is so cool to have someone come back to church and bring a nonmember with them. That is truly being Amulek :) Jenny and Dawn are both working together and are great support for each other. They want to got to the temple someday and do work for their past family members. It has been such a wonderful thing to see as they have really wanted to change and come unto Christ. Please pray for Dawn as she is getting close to her baptism. We know that the adversary is going to really try to hit her hard. We always help her to remember that these last few weeks are going to be the hardest. We are really praying that things will be able to go smoothly. There will be a big ward party right after the baptism at a park so that should be fun.
We are also working with April. The sisters have been working with her for about a year I think. She is practically a Mormon, but she is having a hard time quitting smoking. She is so close to baptism though so it has been a little frustrating. President Cutler will actually be coming with us to April's for a lesson this week. I am a little nervous because I have never had President Cutler come to a lesson before. Haha I hope I can teach well. It will be good too though because I think he will be able to talk some sense into April. I will let you know how that goes next week :)
On Saturday night we had a lesson with the Munks. They are members and they live a bit further out, Waupaca (I always just think of an alpaca when I hear this), there so we only see them every once in a while besides church. It was a wonderful lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother and Sister Munk have such wonderful testimonies and we were able to have a great discussion. I felt like I was home because they reminded me so much of my parents. Sister Munk is just this cute little lady that just wants to take care of you and Brother Munk has such a great testimony, but really has a sense of humor. I could sincerely feel their love for me even being someone they just met! I am excited to be in this ward and to get to know all the members. 
Sister Munk works at a little shop in Waupaca that sells souvenir things and also jewelry and fudge. We got some yummy fudge and that is where I got this giant PB cup too. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all and I will see you soon!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 2015

Hey Family and Friends,
So I got transferred as you all might know and it has been a crazy week, but I am so grateful to be here in Steven's Point. It is a little college town so it is a fun place. Lots of young adults that we can start teaching. My companion is awesome! Sister Kunz is from Spokane, Washington and she has been out for about 10 months I believe. She came out 2 transfers after me. We are just having the most fun time out here and I am so excited to serve with her. She probably will be transferred next transfer though because she has been in Steven's Point since November! I am sad about that, but that just makes me want to cherish every moment haha. We get along really well and we just have lots of fun! We are teaching a family with a really complicated situation, but they are all so sweet! Gina is the mom and her fiance,Alfredo,is down in Mexico right now, but they have 6 kids! Heather and her fiance, Louise, and their baby is also living with Gina. It is quite a full house in one little trailer park, but they are all so ready for the gospel! We also have 2 solid baptismal dates with Dawn and April for May 30th. I haven't met April yet but I am sure she is a sweet lady as well. Please pray for them all that they can make their dates and the Gina and the clan can all be baptized soon. We are so excited for this area because it is really booming! I know I am supposed to be here because of everything that has happened. 
It was so nice to be able to talk to my mom yesterday as well! I always enjoy talking with my family and it felt so weird to say that I would see them in 5 months! 
Here is my new address:
122 4A North Point Dr.
Stevens Point, WI

I have a feeling that this may be my last area, but during transfer times please still send it to the mission office address just in case. Thanks!

Pics taken at transfer point. I came out with Sister Karlsson and Elder Hall
Sister Karlsson is from Sweeden and Elder Hall is from Alberta Canada

Have a wonderful week!
Love  you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
What a week! Well sad news first...Li and Yun sort of dropped us...I guess Li talked to his mom in China and told her all about learning. He was so excited to tell her. I guess she wasn't very happy so they called us literally right when I finished emailing you all last week and told us they don't want to learn anymore. Darn it. but life goes on. The Misbachs will still continue to be their friends and invite them to things so that is good. 
We did a lot of tracting and finding this week and I have actually began to not mind it so much anymore. Probably because it is really warming up now. 
But I will be leaving this area now. I am going to be transferred to Steven's Point which is close to the middle of Wisconsin! But sort of in the middle of nowhere as well...haha you all know how I LOVE middle of nowhere places :/ but everything ends up working out somehow right? 
I am excited to bring the "Book of Mormon in 60 seconds" thing to my new area though! I have seen so many miracles from it so it will be good. 
I am excited to be able to talk to my family on Mother's day! I can't believe it is that time again :)
Well next week I will have more exciting things to talk about...I failed to bring my old planner today to talk about exciting things that happened this week :/
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Please be safe!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
It has been a busy week! Our lessons with Yun and Li and going well and we have been able to set up baptismal dates and everything. Yun is feeling a little hesitant, but she is coming along. On Thursday night we were able to have the lesson at the Misbache's home and watch the Restoration in Chinese! It was such a cool experience. Although, we didn't understand a word that was said haha we could really feel the spirit and we know that Li and Yun felt it too! After the video I asked Yun how she felt. She told us that she understood it better and she knows why the gospel is so important! It was amazing to see her have a softened heart and be able to feel the spirit. We asked her if she would be baptized, but she said she still needs to think about it. Li is still very excited about it and told us that he is studying the Book of Mormon more than an hour a day! Wow! He loves it and is understanding why this is all so important. We asked him to read 2 Nephi 31 and then the next time we saw him, he basically gave us a lesson about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and told us that enduring to the end means we keep on doing those things and we dont stop! He has got it! 
We are so excited for them and we will probably move their baptismal date to May 30th because they are going to need a little more time. 
It was such a relief to know that Rachel was able to deliver the twins safely! I was so happy about that! 
We will be having a lesson with Li and Yun again tomorrow night on the Plan of Salvation! (my favorite :) ) pray for us!
Love you all
FYI Transfers are coming up May 6th so please don't send anything after today to my apartment address until I know the news about transfers. You may still send things to my mission office address though!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Sometimes this happens on a mission...
Inline image 1
BUT then as you move forward with faith better things come....

It has been a great week! Our Chinese family that we have started to teach are so on board with this! They are so cute and it is wonderful to see what progression looks like on a mission...I haven't had much of that yet. We asked Li and Yun to prepare to be baptized for May 9th. Li said yes and Yun said she would think about it. Li is so eager to learn and asked, "What classes do I need to take to prepare". haha he is just so awesome and is ready for this gospel. We are privileged to have a lot of return missionaries in our ward so Brother and Sister Misbache were able to come and help teach them. Sister Misbache is Chinese so she knows the language pretty well. Li and Yun can speak pretty good English, but it helps to have someone there to help clarify doctrinal terms and such. It was such a great lesson...and they also made authentic Chinese food. I was kind of brave. I tried the Lotus root. It was way too spicy for me though. 
We also have another baptismal date for May 30th. We met Karen in front of her house. She welcomed us right in and we were able to teach the Restoration right there. She is Lutheran, but really open to what we are teaching. She told us about how she had a daughter that lived about 20 minutes and she knows she watches over her still. Sister Osmond and I were so eager to come back and teach her about the Plan of Salvation. We went back on Saturday and were able to teach the first half. Karen got so excited and loved the idea that we lived with God before this life. She also told us about how she had her Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet on a table in her front room and her dog ended up chewing the corners off of everything on the table except the Book of Mormon and the pamphlet! Wow we were amazed and Karen said, "I thought to myself, this much really be important!". It was such a cool experience. We will be going back over there soon to finish the Plan of Salvation. I am so excited to tell her that she will get to see her daughter again and be able to be with her forever! That is always my favorite part of the lesson :) 
Love you all and have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
This last Monday we were privileged to go on a tour of Epic with a member. Epic is a company that does some sort of health care stuff...but their office building is amazing and has nothing to do with the company...just the name. Look up the company and they can explain what they do, but here is the fun part. The buildings are like going to Disneyland (not that I would know what that is like...yet) but seriously it was so incredible. I will just have to show you pictures. I am actually really surprised that Adam isn't doing work here...He totally should!
Anyway, Sister Osmond and I really had an awesome experience on Friday I believe. We were walking down the street in Verona and were kind of down because of stressful things going on and such. We were trying hard to get evening appointments so we wouldn't have to be outside in the dark, but people kept cancelling and such. Sister Osmond was getting a little discouraged and I was trying to tell her that things happen for a reason and maybe we just need to walk on this street before it gets dark. We saw this little Chinese woman walking towards us and we both had the same thought that maybe we could share something with her. As we walked past her and then offered a Mormon.org card to her she gladly took the card and then we were able to strike up a conversation with her. We ended up walking to a pavilion with her and showing her the "Because he lives" and "because of him" video. She said she felt at peace and we then started talking to her about the Book of Mormon. She didn't get some of it just because she doesn't have a Christian background, but she was able to understand most of it. We just had to teach simple. We actually happened to have a Simplified Chinese Book of Mormon in our car..for some reason. So we walked back to our car with her and were able to give that to her. We exchanged numbers and set up an appointment to see her again. It was such an amazing experience and it was a huge testimony builder for both of us. Through this, I know that God knows my situations and I know he is aware of me. I am so grateful for this gospel and to have such a great family to help strengthen my testimony of families. I love you all so much and I am so happy to have you in my life. I also really enjoyed General Conference. It was so awesome and the talks we so inspiring. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and I hope this week goes well too! Please be safe!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30 2015

Hey Family and Friends,
It has been a really crazy week. I got transferred on Wednesday and now I am in Madison. It is a cute place. It looks like Daybreak only 10 times bigger. So i really enjoy the houses here and such. The ward is great. Full of returned missionary newly wed couples. They are all so fun to be around. There is actually a guy (picture attached) in the ward that was Aaron's friend in high school. I ran into him at church yesterday. He said his brother also worked for you Dad a while ago. I can't remember the last name though haha 
I think I have talked to more people in these past few days then in my whole life! It has been a great experience and its not as scary...i wouldn't say I am completely comfortable with it yet though. But it is getting easier. We had two great lessons last night. We talked about the Restoration on the porch and it was just so powerful. Who knew the porch could be a spiritual place haha 
Overall, things are going well. I like this new area, but just kind of struggling to adjust to a few things. Please just pray for me. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Sorry this is so short.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
 My new address! 
6702 Schroeder Road #11
Madison, WI 53711

Please send me mail! haha i miss getting letters. Also during transfers please send mail to the mission address. i know i told you other wise but its just better that way. sorry for all the confusion. 
thanks love ya!

March 23 2015

Hello Family and Friends!!
I am being transferred just like I predicted! I can't believe it has already been 6 months since I got to Elkhorn. I am going to really miss it here, but I know I am needed elsewhere....which is.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....MADISON 4 WITH SISTER OSMOND! Yep that is Sister Osmond who is Donny and Marie Osmond's niece :p crazy huh?!
I will be leaving on Wednesday and will most likely ride from Milwaukee to Oshkosh and then to Madison. I can't believe I am going to Madison! It is going to be such a blast! Please remember to not send anything to the Elkhorn address now. If you must send anything send it to my mission office address and it will get forwarded to me. I will know my current address in Madison when I get there and I will email it to you next pday. Sorry you have to wait so long...I don't understand the rules either sometimes...
It has been a great week though. We were able to have a huge mission conference on Saturday and we got to hear from Elder Christiansen from the Seventy Presidency. There was also Elder Ward from the Area Seventy and Elder (err sorry i don't remember his name :/). We were supposed to have Elder L. Tom Perry come but he was reassigned to a different area, but that is ok. It was such a powerful meeting and it was so fun to see all the missionaries in my mission. We don't have a ton, but when we all got in for a picture it sure seemed like a lot more than I thought. Our meeting was mostly on the Atonement and then the last hour Elder Christiansen told us we could ask questions we wanted to know. They turned out to be really good and deep questions and it was fun to hear a lot of people's insights and such. I really learned so much and I was able to receive a lot of helpful revelation for me, my mission, and my future. One thing that really stood out to me that was said by Elder Christiansen was, "Heavenly Father never forgets His missionaries!" It definitely brought tears to my eyes. Being out here can get discouraging sometimes and you can feel like you have been forgotten so hearing that really helped and it was a good reminder that God knows our situation and knows our needs. I have really been able to have a deeper understanding of the Atonement also. Not just on Saturday, but throughout my mission. It has been such a great experience and I am really beginning to see that the Atonement is so important in our lives. Without it we would really be nothing. It is truly the center and we could not do anything without our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have had my testimony and faith in Christ really strengthen out here and I am realizing that in order to have success or be able to get through trials I need to call upon Him. I know He is just waiting to pour out blessings for me. I just need to ask and line my will up with His will. I know these things are true and I know that this is the true church. I have 7 short months to make it real for others so I better get out and do that! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for the support and love you all have given me. I truly couldn't have done anything without my family and friends and Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful week and wish me luck as I am off to Madison...maybe my last area?! who knows!
Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
P.S. it totally randomly snowed this morning :/ grr

March 16 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
This week really flew by! I think because of Daylight Savings time. Who knew an hour would make such a difference! 
Sister Wood and I did a lot of street contacting this last week. We have a goal this week to find 1 solid investigator. We need to build up our teaching pool again so pray that we can find more people that will progress and so this area can be a baptizing area again! 
This last Monday we had a wonderful lesson with a part member family. The wife had 5 kids with her previous husband and they are all unbaptized so the sisters have been working with this family for a while. They do struggle as a family and do have a lot of contention in the home, but it actually went pretty well. We explained to them where the Book of Mormon came from and we have an awesome demo we use. We draw a map of the world (I always end up drawing it because my comps say i get all the countries right :P) and then talk about how the Bible was revelation given to the prophets at that time in Jerusalem. Then we introduce a family who was living in Jerusalem around 600 B.C. and the father, Lehi, was also a prophet. Him and his family were told by God that they needed to leave Jerusalem because it was going to be destroyed. We go over how they left and traveled in the wilderness. We draw it on the map and show that they built a boat and sailed to the Americas. Then we briefly talk about that since Lehi was still a prophet he could receive revelation anywhere he was so when he did it was written down and all those writings were made into another book. We ask them what they think that book could be and most people don't know. We then present the Book of Mormon to them and people are surprised. Then we talk about that Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection are talked about both in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how God loves all his children and He wouldn't leave any of them out. It ends up being a really cool lesson and people are able to see the Book of Mormon from a different perspective. Most people can understand it more since they have a visual now. I really like using this way to explain it because people seem to be more receptive of it and it helped me a lot to know what it is about too. 
After we explained it a lot of the kids and even the parents looked like they finally got it. The parents really liked that way of explaining it and thanked us for showing it to all of them. They said they were going to start reading the Book of Mormon again now that they understand it better. It made me feel really good inside :) I felt like I actually taught something right haha.
On Wednesday, we went to Lake Geneva and had a fun time as always.  You all know how I love Lake Geneva. We were able to talk to one of the volunteers at the food pantry a little about the gospel and she seemed a little interested. We will talk to her more this Wednesday :) We also ran into this black lady that was such a crack up. We were just giving her a card about the new video coming out for Easter (By the way, watch that on March 28th when it comes out! helives.mormon.org ) and she immediately gave us a hug and asked if we were Mormon. We said yes and she shouted, " I love Mormons!". haha her name was Bobby and was just the best. She said she knew Rick Elliot, the organist for the Tabernacle Choir, and was so happy to see more members from his church. We had a great visit with her, but she said she would never join because of our past with blacks and that she thinks we don't need a prophet to tell us what to do...we kind of froze and didn't know how to respond to that so we just smiled and were friendly with her. We weren't able to get her info but i know that she will be baptized one day! She was awesome. 
On Friday we went to Burlington and had a blast with Susan Claeys (the member that drives us around in Burlington on Fridays). We were able to find a family who are less active but are so sweet and really want to come back to church. Susan owns Vezsla dogs (Hunting dogs) and were driving down a highway with her when we saw a lady walking her dog and Susan saw that it was a Vezsla breed of dog so she rolled down her window and yelled to the lady if it was a Vezsla. Then she started doing a sale across the street because Susan has Vezsla puppies that she is trying to sell. It was just so hilarious. Sister Wood and I were laughing hysterically and we could not stop. Susan then pulls into a gas station and the lady walks across the street and they start talking. Susan asks us to give her a He Lives card so she could put her info on it and also share the video with her. Man, someone give Susan a name tag! She is missionary quality! It was a fun day :) 
Saturday we went back to Lake Geneva to visit another part memeber family. The husband in a less active member and then the wife and kids are not members. We showed Chris (the wife) the Book of Mormon map and she loved it! it was an awesome experience and we will be going over there again next Wednesday. It was a good week overall and i think part of it is because of the sunny warm weather! yay!
please remember to not send anything to my current address after today. I will get the info of if i will be transferring on Saturday and i will let you know where i will be going next monday! i love you all! hope you have a great week! sorry for no pictures this week. the computer wont read my camera again. next week i will send them though.
love you!
love sister emily sarah eaton

March 9 2015

Hey Family & Friends,
It has been quite a week! We had Zone Conference on Tuesday in Kenosha and it went pretty well. The Zone leaders, APs, and STLs had great trainings. President Cutler trained on the Plan of Salvation and it was so fun to go into dept. The Plan of Salvation is always my favorite topic to talk about and discuss. I love talking about families and eternity with people. I have such a strong testimony about that so it is a little easier and I feel more comfortable talking about it and sharing my testimony about it. On March 21st we will be gathering as a whole entire mission to Milwaukee for a special conference with an Apostle and one of the seventy. We are all so excited and none of us know who it is going to be yet. It is going to be awesome and I hear that Apostles are what brings the iPads....haha but that isn't what is important here. So missionaries from the Yopee, which is the upper peninsula of Michigan, all the way down to Platteville, Janesville, Lake Geneva, and Kenosha will all gather at the Milwaukee South Stake center to come hear an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints speak to us! Its pretty exciting :) but with that comes less miles for everyone! We had a huge cut on our milage so that everyone can make it to this awesome conference. We went from 1350 to 975 haha so we are doing our best to use the members for rides. So far it hasn't been too bad, but its only the beginning of the month. Pray for us :)
We were able to get back in contact with one of our investigators, Brittney, on Friday and it was awesome! She is so sweet and so ready. Remi dropped us this last week so we are sad about that but not trying to dwell on it too much! there are plenty of other people out there who are ready to jump in the font!
I am sorry this is so short this week!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Remember that transfers are the 25th of March so dont send anything to the apartment after about the 14th of March! love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2 2015 Frozen Lake Geneva

Hello Family and Friends!
It was a pretty crazy week like always I guess. Remi decided to kind of disappear again and he just seems to want to be distant. Sometimes we have to give them their space and let them think about things though. So that is rough. He isn't going to be able to make his baptismal date, but that is ok. He isn't ready and he needs to build a better belief of God anyway. The last time we met with him it was kind of contentious and he started to just debate with us about dumb stuff that really doesn't matter. The spirit wasn't there so we just needed to take a breather. 
This last week I went on exchanges again. I went to Kenosha with Sister Wilson. She is from Southern California. It was pretty fun, but I don't usually look forward to exchanges. We were able to see a lot of cool people though, especially a lot of black people. That's Kenosha :) Everyone we talked to was nice though. I got to see Sister Fort who actually was found by Sister Barnes (My trainer) when she was being trained in Kenosha. Sister Fort is so sweet and really loves when I visit her when I am on exchanges. She just got her Patriarchal blessing and it was so awesome to see how happy she was about it. She has been a member for about a year and a half now i think. Her testimony is so strong!
Sister Wood hit her year mark this last Thursday. She has grown into such a great missionary. She really can't believe she has 6 months left! She will get home a week after Cody does! Crazy! We went tracting that day and I tried my best to have a good attitude about it. It didn't go too bad. People were pretty nice. We were able to pray with a few people so that was good. I kept telling myself that I need to just go out and do it because tracting is where you get all the crazy weird stories that you get to tell everyone! So I need to get a few more of those stories. But of course bring others unto Christ first. :) 
Friday, we were able to see Stephanie again and she was in a really good happy mood. She ended up coming to church and really is starting to enjoy it and is seeing the need for all of this in her life and kids lives. She wants to start on quitting smoking and we are going to help her in any way we can. Pray for Stephanie. 
We also went to Lake Geneva to see a less active named John. He is 17 and has been less active pretty much since he got baptized at 8. Its sad. We will go visit him at Starbucks from time to time. It is a tradition to go and walk to Lake Geneva in the winter because it is so frozen and solid that cars will drive up and down it. So we decided to go do that and it was pretty fun. We didn't go out very far. It was cool to see Lake Geneva from a different perspective.
I can't believe it is already March! Next month I will hit my year mark. crazy right?! I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy that awesome weather in Utah! Love you all <3
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

Feb 23 2015 God's Love

Hello Family and Friends
I hope this week has gone well for everyone! Remi decided to disappear this last week, but we got back in contact with him and we will be meeting with him tonight. Hopefully we can resolve more of his concerns. He is almost finished with the Book of Mormon so that is pretty cool! He enjoys it, but there is always something he tends to disagree with. Sometimes we are able to fix it though. 
Friday was pretty crazy. On Fridays we go out with a member, Susan Claeys, and she drives us around Burlington to go see less actives and investigators. She is such a great fellow shipper for everyone. Her smile is seriously brighter than the sun! I told her she and my mom would be great friends because they have similar interests and they both are super super positive all the time!
In Burlington we visit a lady named Stephanie. She was a member, but she got her name removed when she was a teenager. Now after many years of drugs and alcohol she has a desire to change her life around and come back to church. She loves when we all come over and we will often talk about the Atonement with her. I always try my best to bear my testimony about the Atonement and help her know that it is so real! I don't bring tears to her eyes, but I know she hears what I am saying. She went through a lot this past week and we were able to be there for her just at the perfect time. Stephanie has been having a lot of issues with her 13 year old daughter, Lexie, and it has been a huge strain on her. Lexie has been hanging out with the wrong crowd and ended up running away last Monday or Tuesday. They were able to find her within 2 hours, but she had gotten into a lot of things a 13 year old should not get into. When we got there on Friday we talked to Stephanie and had heard the whole story. She said Lexie was up in her room and wouldn't talk to her. We offered to go up stairs and try and talk to her. I was a little hesitant because I didn't know what I would say, but then I thought "Duh! you were 13 once!"
We went upstairs and found Lexie watching TV in her bed. She paused her show and we started telling her that she is loved so much and that her mom is only trying to protect her...As I was standing there I realized all this talk sounded quite familiar. I had heard it all as a teenager growing up. Lexie just stared at us blankly like a 13 year old does. I was worried that nothing was getting through to her and that she just letting it brush off her shoulder. I still hadn't said anything yet, but I knew I needed to. I had felt the things she was feeling. I had wanted to runaway at her age. I could almost completely feel what she was feeling. On top of that, I could feel the strong love slipping into my heart that Heavenly Father has for her. It seriously hit me like a ton of bricks and I couldn't hold my tears in. Things started to get quiet and Sister Wood and Susan were about to start leaving, but then I stopped them. I told Lexie that I knew what she was feeling. I couldn't completely relate, but I had gone through those rebellious stages as well. I told her that she can't hold things in. She needed to talk things out and that her mom was there to listen. I wasn't sure if any of this was getting to her but I figured it was worth a shot. That love that Heavenly Father had for her just wasn't leaving so I needed to let her know. When I ended we all gave her a big hug and told her she is loved. I might never find out if any of that did anything, but I know that Heavenly Father loves that family so much as does he love all of his children. Stephanie ended up surprising us by coming to church this last week! She hasn't been for a really long time and it was so good to see her there. She got a priesthood blessing from the bishop and we hope she will she that she is blessed. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton