Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 28 Cough Achoo

Hello Family & Friends,
Oh wow this week had been pretty crazy. Guess who has a lovely cold!! yup I do..ugh this is like the first thing that had made me homesick. Last night I got no sleep at all. We went and bought medicine today so hopefully i will feel better soon. Mom, I miss you taking care of me and I really miss being able to just stay in bed. There is no time to take breaks. Too many appointments! Aw oh well...guess it will help me become tough right? Like Mom would always say..."just buck up!" I still wonder where she got that from..
So I hoped you enjoyed the flower boy story from last week. Don't worry, everyone here thinks I am I am pretty safe. I told Sister Smith that she needs to start dumbing down and acting more immature because she just got asked out AGAIN last night by another investigator....he thought she was much 20 years older...haha 
We are staying safe though. I promise we are never alone with these sketchy Wisconsinites. I know we have to be smart and be cautious of people. Mom and Dad, you know how paranoid I am about people kidnapping me. So I still put up my guard. We also pray A LOT. 
We are hoping to get new baptismal dates this week. We have an investigator named Eric and he is really close. He really has enjoyed the singles ward and he actually went on a date this week with a Mormon girl and he told us it was "wonderful" so thats good. :)
Yesterday morning I totally biffed it down the stairs of the apartment. Sister Smith thought I passed out because i haven't been feeling well. It pretty much hurt a lot and I got some scrapes but we keep laughing about it. I am so clumsy sometimes. 
Last week for Pday we went and strolled around Lake Geneva! It was wonderful and beautiful. I got a cool Lake Geneva hoodie! Hallelujah for warmth. No more souvenirs for me for a long time.... :)
It was fun to look in all the shops though. I felt like I was back in San Francisco again :)
Today we are just going to relax and let my body rest...I would much rather have my head chopped off at this point. Mom I bought bean with bacon soup today:) Hopefully that will help me feel better. I just want you all to know that I have been able to maintain my weight so far! :) hehe 
Ok sorry for no awesome story today. I must go and feel better.
Pray for me.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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