Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Sometimes this happens on a mission...
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BUT then as you move forward with faith better things come....

It has been a great week! Our Chinese family that we have started to teach are so on board with this! They are so cute and it is wonderful to see what progression looks like on a mission...I haven't had much of that yet. We asked Li and Yun to prepare to be baptized for May 9th. Li said yes and Yun said she would think about it. Li is so eager to learn and asked, "What classes do I need to take to prepare". haha he is just so awesome and is ready for this gospel. We are privileged to have a lot of return missionaries in our ward so Brother and Sister Misbache were able to come and help teach them. Sister Misbache is Chinese so she knows the language pretty well. Li and Yun can speak pretty good English, but it helps to have someone there to help clarify doctrinal terms and such. It was such a great lesson...and they also made authentic Chinese food. I was kind of brave. I tried the Lotus root. It was way too spicy for me though. 
We also have another baptismal date for May 30th. We met Karen in front of her house. She welcomed us right in and we were able to teach the Restoration right there. She is Lutheran, but really open to what we are teaching. She told us about how she had a daughter that lived about 20 minutes and she knows she watches over her still. Sister Osmond and I were so eager to come back and teach her about the Plan of Salvation. We went back on Saturday and were able to teach the first half. Karen got so excited and loved the idea that we lived with God before this life. She also told us about how she had her Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet on a table in her front room and her dog ended up chewing the corners off of everything on the table except the Book of Mormon and the pamphlet! Wow we were amazed and Karen said, "I thought to myself, this much really be important!". It was such a cool experience. We will be going back over there soon to finish the Plan of Salvation. I am so excited to tell her that she will get to see her daughter again and be able to be with her forever! That is always my favorite part of the lesson :) 
Love you all and have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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