Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27 2015

Hello Family and Friends!
Wow what a week! We had interviews with President Cutler on Wednesday and I finally opened up to him about some things I have been struggling with. I just have always had a hard time opening up to people. It is hard for me to trust people because of past experiences in my life. But after praying and praying so much that I think God probably just got annoyed with me, I finally talked to President about things. We decided that for my last 2 transfers I would go to a mission therapist to help me with my anxiety. I expressed to him that even though I will be finishing up my mission that I am still nervous about after my mission and life decisions that will be coming up. We talked about how this will be great for me to learn how to help myself and know how to handle my anxiety better. He told me that usually people just need 3 appointments and then they are usually able to handle missionary life better so it will be perfect for the amount of time I have left. I feel so much weight off my shoulders. My interview with him went very well and when I share my testimony with him and I am to see how much I have grown and changed. I am so grateful this Atonement! It is truly so healing and we all need it in our lives. I definitely know that without it I wouldn't be where I am now. It has helped me to conquer lots and lots of challenges I have. The other day we were teaching our investigator, Crystal, and she expressed to us that she has anxiety. It was so perfect because we were talking about the Holy Ghost and I was able to testify that the Holy Ghost is the ultimate comforter and he has helped me so much in my life with my anxiety. It couldn't have been more perfect :) I know she felt the peace and comfort that the Holy Ghost offers.
After lots of trying to make a lesson work out with President Cutler and Sister Cutler and Mackenzie, we finally got one Saturday morning through Skype. This was my first lesson to go through Skype so it was a bit interesting. Sister Schlosser, Mackenzie and I set up Skype on Mackenzie's computer and we were able to video chat with President and Sister Cutler and have a lesson about the temple. The lesson was so great and really, the Cutler's didn't do was all the spirit. The lesson went so well and Mackenzie was able to have her concerns resolved about the temple. Then as we were finishing up, President Cutler asked us to step out of her apartment so he could interview her to be baptized right then and there! Ah we were freaking out! We left the room and that is when we found out I was being transferred! We were both shocked!
We came back into the room and President told us that Mackenzie was ready to be baptized! We set a date for August 15th (Yay for Cody and Grandpa Dallimore's birthday :) ) and then President said that I would be able to come back for the baptism! Yay! normally you have to be within an hour away to go to a baptism, but I am farther away than that so i feel really special that he is letting me come back! plus sister kunz knows Mackenzie as well so it will be exciting for her too!
I am excited to be a better person when I get home. I know I won't be perfect by any means. I will still mess up, but I have such a different perspective of the gospel now and my testimony is so much stronger then when I left home.
 I love you all! I have run out of time so I will talk to you next week!
Have a great week and pray for me! continue to pray for Mackenzie as she prepares for the 15th!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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