Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I got corned in Wisconsin! 10/12/2015

Hey Family and Friends!
What a week! 
We had a Zone Training Meeting in Oshkosh. It was a good last meeting and lots of great things discussed for the next few months. We all got ice cream for exceeding our goal of 75 baptisms from July to September 30th. We got 79 it was great!
We also had a great lesson with an investigator couple, Kaitlyn and Darrel. They are an interesting couple haha they want to find a church but they dont want to go to ours. i dont know...haha
we talked about where the book of mormon came from and it seemed to spark their interest more. they went from not going at all to that they might go...sweet! IMPROVEMENT!
We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my 18 months down! It was delicious. i got ribs :) but then i had a blonde moment and put the box with my leftovers in my purse and it leaked and got corn juice all in my bag! that was exciting. that corn was put in the garbage can and i ate the last rib the next day. it was a good celebration though.
We were also able to see Lila who is an investigator! she is sweet and has a Texan accent! She loves the Plan of Salvation. we had a great lesson with her. 
i was very sick this weekend with a whole bunch of sinus and throat stuff. i was not feeling well at all yesterday. i still went to church, but it was very miserable. i was able to receive a blessing from the elders in the ward and I go home and rest. I am really grateful for the priesthood. I feel 10x better today. I  know that through the power of God anything is possible. I  have truly experienced that on my mission. I love you all. Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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