Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 5 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
I hope you all enjoyed General Conference! What a wonderful conference it was. I got a lot of emphasis about trusting in the Lord. I am really working on that. As I have been doing that I have seen myself becoming more confident. Sharing the gospel isn't so hard from me and it has been so wonderful to be able to just go out and teach with little fear. I still get nervous, but I am beginning to see that God is right behind me to catch me. It has also been a very humbling experience as I have needed to let go of my pride and let Him "take the wheel". I didn't ever realize the pride that I had until I got out here. My mission has been a very eye opening thing for me and I am truly grateful for it. 
This past week, we have been struggling to get in with our investigators. It is really frustrating and sad to me. I wish that these people knew how much this gospel could bless them. They will sit there and complain to us about how their life is hard and if they could just give up smoking or if they could just get a better job then they could start meeting with us because they would have more  "time". I am starting to realize that as we see this happening with almost everyone that we can all start now! Start where we are right at this moment because God and Jesus Christ will take in anyone and everyone at anytime in their life. We just need to take that first leap of faith. It reminds me of a talk that was given this last weekend...I wish I could remember who it was by and what it was called, but it talked about how there is never a time when you are "hopeless". I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that anyone can get back on their feet and missionaries are here to help with that too. If you are going to start somewhere why not here....? right?
On  the other side though, Leann, who is the elder's investigator, but we see her as well, and her husband, Chris, are both doing well. They had us and the elders over for dinner the other night and had a good talk. Chris made his famous Gumbo...I tried it, but I didn't dare eat the crawdad. ugh. It wasn't bad. Kind of spicy. I don't mind spicy though. But one of the elders and Chris finished it for me. 
We went to this less active's house for dinner on Saturday night after the afternoon session. We got there and she came to the door and told us that we could all sit outside and talk because her ex brother in-law was on the couch sleeping (wisconsin can be complicated with their families :p) So we sat there and talked to her a little bit....still waiting for her to say something about dinner...Then we finished up and said a prayer with her. It was a good talk and she did watch some of General Conference so that made us happy. Then we got in our car and Sister Brewer looks at me, "Well....Arbys?!" 
"Ha I am way ahead of you Sister!"
Sometimes people forget that they are feeding us, but its ok :)
Last night was kind of an interesting experience. There is this family that is semi- interested (the kids are excited to learn but the parents are not). So as we try and teach the kids, the parents and their friends are talking over us...its weird. But it was kind of cool last night because the 3 girls were there and then their friend and some other friends of their parents. It started out with just Savannah listening to us but then Harmony came over and said,"oh! I want to listen". Then their friend sat in and it was just this circle of young girls from 7 to 11. We started teaching the Plan of Happiness and they all had so many questions! I really felt like Jesus as the circle felt like it was getting bigger and bigger with children that wanted to listen! I am sure that the adults were quietly listening though. It went well though and we hope that we can start teaching them all in better environments.
Well I hope  you all have a great week! If you  haven't watched conference yet then go watch it!!
I love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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