Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week 3: Green Bay Area

Hello family and friends :)
So wow I am in Wisconsin now and one thing is I AM FREEZING! That is honestly the thing I hate the most and struggle with, but I am trying my best to be tough. So Tuesday we flew out and it was the weirdest plane experience ever! So we flew out to Denver which was fine, just an hour and it was really cool to see all the mountains from above! I seriously left like I was in Lord of the Rings haha I really needed to sleep though because we had to wake up at 1 am but I never could get myself to fall asleep. We landed and had about 2 hours there I think. I was able to call home and talk to Rachel and Ruby haha I was trying to hard to hold back the tears because I miss Ruby and all the little ones so much! I was heartbroken to hear that the pine tree in front of my room is being chopped down! ah no! I don't know why, but I am just super upset about it haha I don't know when I will get over it. But I guess you are the expert Mom with plants so if it needed to go then it needed to go. Anyway, the second plane ride was sort of a nightmare. I had a small headache and my companions were getting on my nerves because they kept leaving me when we were at the airport so I was tired and super cranky. My plan was to just sleep on the plane the whole way there. We sat down in our seats and yay for me I got the seat where the -100 degree air was blowing out on my feet...perfect. Then we got up in the air and I just felt so dizzy and more sick. I was mad because now I couldn't sleep because I wasn't comfortable. haha flying over Nebraska and Iowa (i think) was the most boring thing ever. So I would doze in and out but I kept waking up because I would be nervous the plane would crash...which is weird because I am not afraid of flying. I love heights, so that was just weird. By the time we got there I was hot and cold all over and oh...DEAF! lol I couldn't hear a thing. I don't mean to complain was just a super weird experience. So we all landed and went to go find the president and his wife. That went ok but I just didn't feel good. Then the president told us we could only bring our small carry on and the rest would stay in the trailer overnight. I was just not happy about that. The stuff in my carry on was all my books and journals...No clothes or pjs. I was thinking, "seriously?" I was able to trade my carry on for my suitcase with my clothes in it, but I didn't have my toothbrush or it was either clothes or clean teeth...haha gross i know. So over all the first day was just ugh and I couldn't wait to go to bed! 
My new companion is Sister Barnes. She is from South Jordan, Utah, but traveled the world most of her life so she technically didn't grow up there, but her family lives there. She is 23 and will be going home in about 3 months. She is super nice and we get along very well. Ok don't think I am crazy here...but she reminds me a lot of Marianna, BUT nice and fun Marianna haha Its just weird though because she sounds just like her minus the bossiness. So that is good. We live with a member in Green Bay, who is super nice but i don't think she believes in heat! Her house is a fridge and Sister Barnes said she hasn't turned it on once since she has been there for 2 transfers...Lovely...So that is really hard for me and we don't want to be complaining to her because we don;t want to offend her or anything. So we just deal with it. but luckily Heavenly Father answered my prayers and had Cody send me a zebra blanket! YES! I was seriously jumping for joy because I am soo cold. It was so amazing. We haven't seen the lakes or anything yet. I only saw them from the plane.
Happy birthday to Alex , Grandma, and Rachie! I love you guys and I hope your birthdays are amazing! I am so excited for Alex to get baptized! I know that will be so great!
Oh guess what is crazy Mom! Do you remember Jeffery Steiner from my elementary days?! Well apparently he is in my mission! So weird. He came up to me when we got our companions and he was talking to me and asked if I remembered him...haha I had to look at his name tag because he sounds way different and is like 100 feet tall! So ya that was strange and a bit awkward but I laughed because I haven't seen him since 6th grade.
Ok Mothers Day! So we are going to be able to skype i believe. It will be around 3:30 for you guys. Aaron needs to bring his iPad just in case because I think Facetime and Skype will be used. So I will either call Aaron or Rachel and Kevin. 

This week has pretty much been a blur, but we got 3 new investigators. 2 of them were found while tracting (yes Dad I know I spelled it wrong last time! haha) We will be visiting them again this week. We get to teach people in the ghetto yay!... Still adjusting here. I also got to speak on sunday, just a short intro of me and my testimony. I knew that was coming. I could totally hear my missionary accent (you know how they will have those? They will talk a certain way?), that was weird and on Saturday we were able to attend a few baptisms for the spanish branch. They offered us headphones for translation but i refused! I was surprised at how much i still know! haha so there you go Dad there is the part where I learn spanish for you! haha I love you all but I must go again! Please be safe and don't let that pine tree fall on my room! Tell everyone hi for me and keep praying for me! Also if someone could pray that the Wisconsin will mysteriously move closer to the sun that would be amazing! I am pretty sure my companion is sick of me saying that it is cold every 2 seconds. hehe xoxoxoxo 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
 oh and PS I seriously feel like I am in the movie "The Village" haha there are woods everywhere and I am just waiting for the weird creature in a red robe to pop out in our backyard lol Then there is me with my little red riding hood coat...just perfect! Just thought that was funny! :) love you all

They live on London Rd which intersects Eaton Rd!

Sister Eaton and Sister Barnes from South Jordan

President and Sister Cutler 

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