Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 6: Miracles

Hey everyone!
This week has been such a wonderful week and I have really seen the miracles happen. Monday didn't start out the best and I found myself really cranky and down. I had a bad attitude and didn't have the spirit with me. So horrible I know :( I was really tired so I ended up taking a nap when we got home from emails and grocery shopping. One thing that is frustrating to me is my companion snores like crazy so I can't ever sleep. I probably get like 4 or 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep so then it makes me more cranky in the mornings. We have thought about getting me some ear plugs or something, but I totally feel bad for even telling her about it because I know she can't really help it. Anyway so I just never look forward to sleep unless she is out of the room. My pillow and my zebra pillow pet have become my best friend with blocking out sound haha
Tuesday we had a lot of people fall through, but we were able to get a lot of the paper work part done with updating progress records and all that stuff you never hear about unless you come on to a mission lol and we decided to go down the ward list and call all the less active people and set up a day to go visit them...that makes this week become super busy! but that is good. I was actually surprised at how many less active members were really nice about us coming over...its not like they dont know we are there to teach them stuff. So that just lifted my spirits at how people were all nice and welcoming. 
Wednesday is always our busy day. We play volleyball with the less active members and then go volenteer at St. Vincents store. I was the cashier this week and it brought back many memories of working at Aeropostale haha I messed up a few times....its ok though, its not like I am dealing with money or anything haha
Thursday we had our zone conference and that was pretty cool! I got to meet my friend I met through Facebook on one of the "missionary girlfriend" groups. Sister Hatch is so nice and I hope I will be able to be her companion during my mission. She started her mission in January and her boyfriend is serving in Georgia! So funny how close Cody and her missionary are and we are in the same mission. Zone conference went very well and I was able to get to know my mission president and his wife a lot better. Haha Sister Cutler will never stop reminding me of my mom! she seriously looks just like her! its so crazy. And she is the sweetest just like you Mom :) 
Then we had dinner at the bishop's house and i had the best burger ever! It is a burger with cheese in the MIDDLE and Bacon coats the burger i the best! :) you know my love for meat :D
Friday was the really really good day! We had a few appointments and in between we kept getting media referrals sent to our phone...2 in a row and then some elders in our area sent us one! it was such a blessing and I wondered what we had done right that day. We made sure we thanked Heavenly Father and we went to contact those people. Sadly 2 of them didn't work out...the addresses were not correct, but we were able meet other people that we could teach. We ran into a lady that spoke Spanish and Sister Barnes was able to speak a little Spanish to her and ask her if she would like to be taught more about the gospel. We referred her over to the Spanish Elders. We hope that goes well for them. 
That night there was an 8 year old girl that got baptized and even though her family mostly members and they are all very active we were able to meet the girls spanish teacher that she invited and talk to her and her husband about the gospel and about baptism. We hope for them to become our new investigators soon! :)
Friday was just such a good day and I slept pretty good that night.
Saturday was kind of a more relaxed day. nothing really marvelous happened, but we met with Ellen again and I just love her so much! she is amazing and so we decided to start teaching her because she needs to get baptized. the sad thing is she is moving because her husband and daughter live down in Florida and our plan is to baptize her and have Cody baptize her husband and daughter then she will move down there and she and her family can live together forever haha just kidding, her husband is in Tampa but it was a good thought i had :p but we want to have her be baptized before she moves so that she will be able to have an instant family down in Florida and then she can help the rest of her family join...haha Ellen is great though. She gave us some presents and some nail polish and eye shadow yay! My nails are pretty again. 
This next Saturday there is a baptism. The browns are investigators of the elders and they are so nice! we are all excited for them to be baptized because they are so solid and strong in the church! 
I am so grateful for my mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. I love this gospel so much and I know it brings true happiness :) I want to share it with everyone. I know that when you follow Heavenly Father and be Christlike that you will truly be happy. I love you all and I will talk to you later :)
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Also next week since it is memorial day my Pday will be on Tuesday so dont panic when i dont email on monday:) love you all
Sister Emily Sarah Eaton


 The Eaton road I was trying to show you guys before. Just kind of funny and there is also a Taylor st. and a Wisconsin and Florida Ave. haha My companion and I are planning on going and getting pictures at the state name streets because we thought it was funny and so perfect! 

Green Bay Packers stadium

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