Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 27: Flowers at Church

Hey Family and Friends!
Wow where do I begin?! Well this week was pretty full of events haha Sister Smith and I have had a lot of fun. I wish she wasn't going home so soon because she makes things fun, but we also get things done here. Elkhorn is definitely moving along faster than Green Bay was. We were able to have some really good and spiritual lessons this week. We do have 2 baptismal dates, but we most likely will move those back since the two girls we are teaching aren't quite ready yet, but we have a lot of potential here and I am just so excited to see a baptism here and my 1st one on my mission! It is going to be awesome and it is going to happen soon. The members here are awesome and love us all to death! They really use us (in a good way haha) and they love to feed us too <3 My family must be putting me in the Temple prayer roll or something ;) Thanks guys :)
I have met so many people and we give Book of Mormons out like crazy. It is just so cool and I love that people show genuine interest in it here. On Saturday we were like 10 minutes away from the border! It was so cool and we almost drove down there to take a pic, but we didn't have enough time. On our way back we saw this guy on the side of the road and stopped and talked to him. He has traveled all around the country and it was so cool. He was pretty nice but a little crazy too ha but we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him that it could help find his way. Then on our way home we stopped in Fontana. Fontana and Lake Geneva are those most gorgeous cities around this time! We were driving home through it all and we just had to stop and take pictures! These two trees were the most gorgeous things ever! Sister Smith was able to take some panoramic picture and it turned out amazing!
On Sunday we had quite an adventure...So a guy, Miguel, that the sisters met before has come to church twice now, which is great, but he is a little flirty and has a huge crush on Sister Smith so we have been trying to pass him off too the elders but he wont meet with them. So right now he just comes to church. We can't really teach him. Well....Sunday, (get this, it was ward conference so all the stake presidency was there) Miguel walks in late with a BOUQUET OF FLOWERS in his arms and walks all the way to the front where we were sitting and gives them to Sister Smith...EVERYBODY SAW THIS! Oh my goodness, I couldn't hold my laughter in, but I had to because there was an investigator sitting by me as well...Sister Smith did exactly this...Threw them under the pew in front of us and turned the color of her hair. She told Miguel to sit down and probably started freaking out in here head...they were totally roses too...
The ward mission leader offered to talk to Miguel for us about all this...Hopefully that will help, but he will still want to investigate...guess we will know if it was just because of Sister Smith. I told her to stop dressing cute. Everyone else told me I didn't need to worry it for me because I look like I am 15...ugh its a blessing and a curse...Good thing I already have the One though :)
Anyways after Miguel left and church was over...everyone had a laugh and we were all excited to have journal worthy stuff to write about.
Today we went to Lake Geneva and it was so beautiful. A lady in the ward gave us hair cuts and my hair is so soft again! yay!
We should be setting some new baptisimal dates this week so I am excited :) 
Oh! on Friday we also got to see "Meet the Mormons"! I bawled and bawled and I loved it! If you haven't seen it yet...go see it!! 
I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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