Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!
It has been a crazy week! Last Monday we went and visited a family that was in our potentials list. They were pretty awesome and are really into scouting already so they know a lot of the ward members and are involved at the church a lot during the week. Mark and Gwen are big football fans and are excited for the upcoming Super Bowl. Gwen is a Patriots fan and Mike is, of course, all for Green Bay! It will be interesting if these teams play against each other in the Super Bowl. Last night Gwen explained to me all about the play offs and such...I got most of it haha but I was sad to not see the Niners as a runner up. Thats ok though. We taught them the Restoration last night and they thought it was interesting. They have started to read the Book of Mormon and our next appointment will be next Sunday, before the game of course lol. We hope things will pick up with them soon!

We also were able to discover some teaching records that the elders in our ward had that was for a girl that the sisters taught a while ago...Her name is Areli. we don't know how but somehow the elders ended up with the first 2 parts of her teaching record and we only had the 3rd part. They had been teaching her for a long time and she was really progressing and then she kind of just dropped off the face of the earth! Well now we have all her records and we hope to get back in contact with her. She seems like a sweet girl and it sounded like she was really ready to be baptized. She is about my age i think. I think her family is a little uneasy about her joining though so that might be a problem but we hope that the Lord will soften their hearts.

Our recent convert, Eric, is doing great as well! He loves the singles ward and is becoming really involved in it. He just had an interview with his bishop about preparing to receive the Priesthood and we are all excited to help him be ready. He is so excited and we hope his family will have their hearts softened and have a desire to investigate and join the church as well. We hope they are starting to see the blessings as Eric has joined the church. 

I am starting to feel a little sore throat coming on..yay...Love you all! Have a great week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton :)

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