Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year 12/29/2014

Hey Family and Friends!
It was so good to talk to you SEE my family again! I was blessed to be able to have them all there and it honestly made my day! I missed you all and I am glad everyone is doing well. I am sorry if I weirded anyone out...I just couldn't stop smiling haha I was just so happy! 
This week was pretty great though...even though we had only 2 people signed up for us to visit..somehow we found other things to do and keep us busy on the holidays. Christmas eve we didn't have something until 6:30 that night so us and the elders decided to go to a local hospital and carol to the people was kind of dead though...seriously no one was there. Then we made our way over to the Care Center and it brought back so many memories of when the ward and family would go next door and sing carols for the holidays....I remember never really enjoying it and hating the smell in there as well. Well I must have grown up because this time it was a wonderful experience and lots of people really needed us there. We all ended up caroling for about 3 hours, luckily though, we were inside the whole time. After we finished that, the Stringhams (members in our ward) said we could come over to help make cookies for the wife's clients. That was pretty fun. They were oatmeal cookies with Andes Mint Candies in them. We stayed there until we had to leave for our dinner appointment at 6:30. The Stringhams invited us back over in the morning for Christmas breakfast as well. This family pretty much saved our holidays haha
Later we went over to the Sandovals for dinnner. Them and the Hernandez family was there and they had a heck of a fiesta! They are both really nice families and we were able to experience a Spanish Christmas eve! I was surprised that by the time we went home none of us could speak Spanish yet...but I was also surprised at how much I could pick up from what they were saying! Yes! 2 years of Spanish paid off :p
That was pretty fun though and then on the way home is when I got my "RPM violation" from Tiwi haha oops. that wont  happen again. guess i just have to wait for the Audi R8 to do that...
Christmas morning we went back over to the Stringhams for breakfast. That is where the elders were skpying their family. We had a yummy breakfast and then Sister wood and i went to a food pantry to help out a little. we met a few people and shared the Book of Mormon with them. they liked it and we were able to give one out. then we headed over to the Cragers to talk to our famililas! it was great! Now for the new year! i am excited! Bring on 2015! love you all! have a great new years and party for me!
love sister emily sarah eaton

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