Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 2015

Hey Family and Friends,
So I got transferred as you all might know and it has been a crazy week, but I am so grateful to be here in Steven's Point. It is a little college town so it is a fun place. Lots of young adults that we can start teaching. My companion is awesome! Sister Kunz is from Spokane, Washington and she has been out for about 10 months I believe. She came out 2 transfers after me. We are just having the most fun time out here and I am so excited to serve with her. She probably will be transferred next transfer though because she has been in Steven's Point since November! I am sad about that, but that just makes me want to cherish every moment haha. We get along really well and we just have lots of fun! We are teaching a family with a really complicated situation, but they are all so sweet! Gina is the mom and her fiance,Alfredo,is down in Mexico right now, but they have 6 kids! Heather and her fiance, Louise, and their baby is also living with Gina. It is quite a full house in one little trailer park, but they are all so ready for the gospel! We also have 2 solid baptismal dates with Dawn and April for May 30th. I haven't met April yet but I am sure she is a sweet lady as well. Please pray for them all that they can make their dates and the Gina and the clan can all be baptized soon. We are so excited for this area because it is really booming! I know I am supposed to be here because of everything that has happened. 
It was so nice to be able to talk to my mom yesterday as well! I always enjoy talking with my family and it felt so weird to say that I would see them in 5 months! 
Here is my new address:
122 4A North Point Dr.
Stevens Point, WI

I have a feeling that this may be my last area, but during transfer times please still send it to the mission office address just in case. Thanks!

Pics taken at transfer point. I came out with Sister Karlsson and Elder Hall
Sister Karlsson is from Sweeden and Elder Hall is from Alberta Canada

Have a wonderful week!
Love  you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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