Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 2015

Hello family and friends!
What a quick week it has been! I sent Sister Kunz off to Sun Prairie and then welcomed Sister Schlosser to Steven's Point. She came from Madison so I knew her a little before when I was serving down there too. Sister Schlosser is from Medford, Oregon and has been on her mission since November. She is a ginger and is awesome. We are doing great here and have had a good few days. I have only been in Stevens Point for a transfer so I am still just as new as she is. We are both trying to still get to know the area still and just exploring things together. It has been quite an adventure. I have also moved up to be senior companion! What? I didn't see that coming... Lots of responsibility jumped into my lap this transfer. We also have to move into another apartment in August so we get to prepare for that as well. Haha I am definitely learning to trust God right now because I have no idea what I am doing! (As most of us do :p) But overall, things are going well and I am somehow handling everything. 
This week we had a great lesson with our investigator, Mackenzie. She is so sweet and was a member referral. She is in a wheelchair and lives in an assisted living home. Probably about late 20s. She really seems to soak things in really well. She loves this gospel and we are excited to share it with her. Yesterday, Mackenzie came to church and it was a great surprise because we really weren't expecting it. She loved the service and stayed for all 3 hours! She participated in Gospel Principles and even Relief Society! The lessons were on the Holy Ghost and it was just what she needed. She told us afterwards that she cried a little too. Happy tears of course! We were just so thrilled and the ward was so kind as well. They all wanted to know who she was and sit by her. It all went so well. We have scheduled to see her twice a week now and plan to set a baptism date with her this week also! She is so prepared :) 
We also were able to gain a new investigator, Bryan. He is into motor cross and such and seems pretty cool. We are excited to start teaching him as well. 
Stevens Point is going so well and it is truly full of miracles! 
It is so amazing to be able to see when it things just "click" for people and they finally get it! That turning point is when they become humble and teachable and when the spirit truly works. I have learned to rely on the spirit so much on my mission. I am so grateful to have the Holy Ghost with me at all times. I know I would be lost without him. As would we all.
I love you all! Have a great week! Please keep Mackenzie in your prayers as we set a baptism date with her this week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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