Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14 2015

Hello family and friends!
Transferred again! Ya i know! WEIRD! But thankfully this will be my last. Next transfer I will be home. Its so strange to think about. 
Well it was a crazy week. I had to say goodbye once AGAIN to Sister Kunz and it was bitter sweet. We were able to get everything packed amzingling. We drove down to Milwaukee so she could pick up her trainee and I rode up to Oshkosh from Milwaukee to meet Sister Brewer, my new comp. I was able to see one of my previous companions, Sister Wood. She was going home and so we got to take pictures and say goodbye. 
Then sister Brewer and I were off! We drove down to West Bend and got some lunch. We live in a members house. I was a little hesitant when I heard that just because of past experiences. So far it hasn't been too bad though. Sister Blank is very sweet and she has a nice house. No spiders and she keeps it clean!
The ward here is great and they sure love the missionaries. I wish I got a quarter every time I was hugged or shook someones hand. haha 
Sister brewer is great as well. We are both very different from each other, but we both love this work so that is all that matters. sister brewer has been out for 6 months and West Bend has been her only area so far. she is from Clay Springs, Arizona. I have become the senior companion once again. This area is cool. I feel like it is like a little bit of all my areas mixed together. There are little things that remind me of all of my areas so it makes me feel a little more comforted. 
We have a small teaching pool right now but we plan on building it up. I really want to work my hardest here and put all the rest i have in these last 5 weeks! I know i will miss it when i go home so I want to love every second i have here. 
Last night we went over to an older lady's house to visit her. Her name is Leona and she is the sweetest thing. We talked about the spirit world (my favorite topic) and I was sitting on the couch by myself while Sister brewer and Leona were each on a recliner chair. I was thinking about the times where I have felt alone in my life and on my mission, but then I always go back to how I am not alone. I could feel the embrace of my relatives that have passed on and doing greater work in the spirit world. Most specifically my Grandma and Grandpa Eaton. I could feel them sitting right next to me on either side. Then I thought about how not only is it just my relatives, but also my Heavenly Father. He truly knows everything I have been through and will go through. I love this gospel. It has truly blessed my life and the lives around me. I love that I will be with my family forever. 
Next Wednesday, Sister Brewer and I will have the opportunity to go to the Chicago Temple. That will be our Pday so don't plan on next Monday for me to email, but Wednesday the 23rd. I am so excited to be able to go again. I was able to go at the beginning and now the ending of my mission and it will  be a great way to finish it off. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Please pray for Makayla and Carol as we are praying to get back in contact with them and have baptismal dates with them this week. 
I love you all.

My new address:
657 Polaris St. 
West Bend, WI 

Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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