Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 7 "Oh my gosh I'm 20!"

Sorry a week late! 

Dear family and friends,
Wow this week has gone by really fast, but that is a good thing!
Well first off, I finally got ear plugs and I sleep great! So that makes a happier Emily :) We had a great district meeting about following up on members, and anyone else we teach on the commitments we have made for them in the past. That went very well and we have been able to practice and apply those things to the people we talk to. We were able to teach one of our investigators, Cathy, this week and we did an object lesson using cups to teach the Restoration. She loved it and said it helped her understand things a lot better. We asked her if she came to the conclusion that she knew it was true would she be baptized and she said yes! so I are exited about that and are going to move forward with the rest of the lessons and invite her with a specific date soon.
Sister Barnes and I went on exchanges for Wednesday with our sister training leaders. I went with Sister Arnold and we were able to find a lot of people to teach. She helped me teach better and feel more confident so I was grateful for that. We exchanged back Wednesday night and Thursday and Friday, Sister Barnes and I were on fire and a great spiritual high. It was the best feeling and we were able to teach many more people and be more effective in our missionary work.
Sister Barnes and I have an amazing investigator named Renee and we love her so much. We had a lesson with her on Thursday and we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! It was such an amazing feeling and the spirit was so strong there. We know she is so ready and I love that Heavenly Father has sent her to us at the perfect time. We will get to meet with her this Thursday again and we are going to ask about a specific date so be praying for us :) Friday was so busy but it was awesome! We had committed to making a dessert for a baptism that was going to happen that night so we baked those and then we had a couple lessons after that. We started teaching an investigator's two 8 year old daughters and they really want to be baptized. We got a baptismal date for them on July 19! yay! we are so excited and cant wait to teach them more. After that lesson we went to the baptism. It was for a couple that the elders taught. We all love the Browns so we were all so excited for them. It went so well and the spirit was definitely there. 
My birthday went alright. No one really knew about it so I didn't expect anything. It was honestly just a regular day which was fine. Thank you so much for the Lindsey Stirling CD and the skirt and book! I loved it all and it was nice to get lots of love from home since I was feeling kind of down here...but I didn't let it ruin my day! I still smiled! haha But yesterday I couldn't hold in my sadness anymore. haha so I blurted out to my companion,"I just really want a birthday cake...". oh my I didn't mean to sound all poor me and stuff but it just felt weird! No cake or ice cream for my birthday...out of my whole 19 years and then this year just so Sister Barnes got up and said, "WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU A CAKE!" So we went over to the store and I bought myself some candles, a few cupcakes, and a small chocolate cake. We went to the church and had a small party. So i did get my cake :) and that made things better! 
For the Memorial celebration we got invited to a members house for a party. They have one every year and it is quite a big party! It was awesome and we ate good food and played fun games. It was very hot though and lots of knats that love to fly into my face and nose! but took in that heat and enjoyed every second of it! haha I love you all and hope this week goes well for you! Thank you again for all the things you have sent me! If I haven't gotten something you sent yet, I am sure it will be here this week since most people send it to the mission office first and then they forward it to my actual address. Keep sharing the gospel as much as you can! 
Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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