Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 20: Prayer

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope everyone is doing well! This week Sis Olsen and I worked so hard to have 2 baptismal dates, but the two investigators we asked unfortunately declined for now. We are praying more than ever now to make this possible as we only have about a month until October General Conference and our mission has a goal to have at least 1 baptism in each area before General Conference. We do believe it is possible though and we are very excited!
I hope Le'a has a wonderful birthday this week! I sent her a card with my love in it :)
Sister Olsen and I had an interesting experience last night and it really strengthen my testimony even more about prayer. We needed to get more lessons for the week because we had made a goal and hadn't met it yet. We decided to go tract a street we both have been thinking about for a long time. Sister Olsen offered the prayer before we got out of the car. Then we got out and knocked on the first door. It turned out to be a group home and they couldn't accept anything from us so we went onto the next house. This one was a group home as well! We were so confused and Sister Olsen said, "Ok if this whole street are group homes I am going to be mad". I didn't think all of them were...I figured one was a girls group home and the other was a boys group home and it ended up turning out that way. At the boys group home we were able to talk to a guy that worked there. He said he had a copy of the Book of Mormon at home and he thought it had good teachings in it, but he wasn't able to accept anything from us so I figured we were done there...but then he asked us if we had anything to give to him. I was really confused with what was going one, but luckily Sister Olsen isn't as blonde as me so she handled it all. She ended up giving him a card with Jesus on it and our number on the back. She told him that he could contact us if he had any questions. He thanked us and shut the door. I didn't really think much of that visit because usually people don't contact us from being given a card, they usually just throw it away later. We continued tracting the rest of the street and didn't find any other promising people...luckily they all didn't make us waste our time by opening and shutting the door haha. We drove home and started making dinner. 10 minutes later our phone buzzed and it was a number we didn't recognize. It was a text about wanting to know more about our church. They wouldn't say who they were though so we didn't want to make plans to meet with them yet. This person simply asked things about the Word of Wisdom first so we answered them to the best we could over text. We were excited but scared at the same time...we kept asking who they were but they would never respond so eventually we stopped asking that and answered their questions. We couldn't believe it, but this was how Heavenly Father was answering our prayers. This person seemed genuinely interested so we made plans to meet up and teach them at the church with a member..for safely reasons of course. They did end up telling us who they were and that we me them at the group home...well took ya long enough! It was so cool though because he had a lot of questions so we are excited to help him and hopefully help him progress as well. We hope it all goes well Tuesday evening when we meet with Jack.

This morning was a hard one. Things with Sis Bartell (the member we live with) have gone down hill again and I am really struggling with it all. Last night she just kept being negative about how Jack was interested in the church. She kept telling us that he isn't going to care about the church and he is just playing a trick on us. Her comments about it all were just bringing me down while Sis Olsen and I were trying to be happy and excited about it all. This morning was sort of tense and we just felt like we were in her way again. We will continue to be Christlike the best we can though. I want to do what Heavenly Father wants me to, but if his answer is to move into an apartment I am all for that.
I hope you all are doing well. I miss all of you very much and this past week I went through all my letters I have gotten so far for my whole mission and I must say that those are so much comfort to me. I really appreciate all the letters I have gotten. thank you! I love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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