Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 17: We have family in Wisconsin!

Hey Family and Friends
So I am very disappointed in my family of their lack on mail...just had to get that out.
Anyway how has everyone's week been? This week for me has been awesome, but slow at times. We were able to play tennis more and I am loving it so much! We did exchanges this week with the sister training leaders. I like exchanges a lot better now that one of the sisters got transfered. Now it is Sister Brandley and Sister Harris. They are both so fun and sweet! I went with Sister Brandley to her area which is just on the other side of the Fox River in Green Bay. We had a lot of fun and I did so well at teaching. We met with one of their investigators and talked her through baptism because she had her baptism on Saturday! That was so exciting to experience another baptism! I can't wait until it is one of mine :) President Cutler started this thing on July 1st that every time we prayed we needed to pray sincerely that every area would get a baptism in the mission before October General Conference. We have all definitely seen miracles happen since then and it is truly amazing. I really do believe that  us Green Bay 1st ward Sisters will get a baptism for October! We have had a few promising investigators and we are so excited. Although we have no set dates for anyone right now I know we will get those this week :) 
On Friday we were invited to a ritirement party. Sister Bartell's (the memeber we live with) brother was annoucing what he was going to do after he retired and he wanted us missionaries there because he thought it would be a great opportunity for us to meet and talk to people about the church. Him and his wife will be serving a mission and a lot of his co workers aren't members. He was introducing his co workers and he said someone with the last name of "Strebel"! I perked up and looked over to where he was pointing, but it was already too late. I thought that was so cool. After he was done talking, Sis Oslen and I went over to the table he pointed at and asked who had the last name of "Strebel". One guy raised his hand and we started talking. I had told him about how my mom's maiden name is Strebel and that it was surprising to me to hear it since it wasn't so common. He said his name was Dan Strebel (He spelled it the same way too). I asked him who is parents and grandparents were and he said his mom's name was Rita Strebel and his Grandpa was Theodore Strebel. I didn't hear wjhat he said for his dad or grandma haha but it was so cool to find this out! He asked if I had family here because a lot of the Strebels settled in the Bay settlement. I told him I didn't know and all I did know was that my grandpa raised him family mostly in Salt Lake. He said he didn't know of any family from Utah. We chatted a little longer, but then he started to back off and told us goodbye...I think he realized we were missionaries haha but that is ok. We totally talked about family history with him and I told him I would look at my family history and see if we were related. He was super nice and it was fun to talk to him.
I hope you all have a wondeful week! I am excited for more miracles to happen in Green Bay :) Love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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