Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 25: Transferring Finally!

Hey Family and Friends!
Wow it has been a bit of a crazy week! Lots of anxiety and being nervous! I just can't believe I have already been out almost 6 months and now I am finally getting transferred! 
Here is how transfers all go down here in Wisconsin. So the Saturday before, so this last Saturday, we all get "the text" of who all is going to be transferred in our zone. President sends it to the APs who send it to the zone leaders who send it to the District leaders then to us. If your name it on there you are going! Then Monday (Today) they send out a picture of the transfer board with all the missionaries in the mission and the yellow highlighted ones will be the ones who moved and are new. That is when you find out where you will be going and who your new comp will be. Then you scramble for the rest of the weekend to pack and make sure you get everything. Then Wednesday you drive to the transfer point you are assigned to go to. Green Bay Stake center is a transfer point so we just drive 5 minutes to the church. I will go on another bus with all the other missionaries and probably go to the next transfer point and so on until i get to the city and i am supposed to go to. So that is a little bit of how it all goes down. I dont exactly know how riding down to everywhere else will go because i havent gotten that far, but i will let you all know how it goes. I am so nervous but everyone gets through it right? i am just excited to see a different part of the mission. i have been in Green Bay long enough and I need to see how missionary work is in a new area. sometimes areas just get into a rut and it is time to move and change things up. so that is good i guess. i just hope my comp is nice and all. soo now that i have made you all wait long enough i will tell you all where i am going! My new comp will be Sister Smith...dont know anything about her except that she is a red head...ha thats it. And i will be serving in Milwuakee South zone in Elkhorn. I believe it is outside of Milwuakee. Well wish me yet pray for me. I am so grateful that i am going south for the winter haha Make sure to send letters, packages, ect to the mission office.
General Conference was pretty awesome as a missionary! It really made me miss home and some people thought i was weird when i was glued to the screen when they would show Salt Lake. I really miss that place. ha but everything was good and i really wish i took advantage of the peace and quiet at home when we would watch it. We went to the church and watched it all there but it just wasnt the same without my family. We did have an investigator (Amanda) come to the first session on Saturday and Sunday. She kept talking to me and asking me questions...i thought about how i would do this to my mom when i was got kind of annoying...sorry mom. We told her she could take notes and that we could talk about what she wrote down after. she liked that idea so we gave her a piece of paper. Amanda is kind of a sketchy person though. We have a lot to find out about her because sister Olsen and i have had a weird feeling about her. hopefully things will get better though after i leave. 
So here i go. moving on to the next part of my mission. I have so many mixed emotions lol we will see how it all goes. 
Tonight we are going to have REAL burgers for sister olsens birthday at a members house! yum! it will have cheese and bacon in the middle! 
I love you all and hope you have a good week! 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
Mine and Ellen's last volleyball
A member in the 2nd ward, Angie, and I before I left

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