Monday, June 9, 2014

9 weeks down and TIRED

Hello everyone!
Oh man this week has been soo busy! It went by really fast. On Monday after emails, Sister Barnes and I went to the small amusement park in Green Bay called Bay Beach. They have a few rides, but it isn't too big. We had fun there though and it felt good to just relax and have fun on rides. They have a famous roller coaster called the "Zippin Pippin"! It was named by Elvis because it was his favorite ride. Well, the dumb thing is we weren't able to ride it because you have to be super small to fit in the seat. Sister Barnes is a bigger person so she wouldn't be able to fit. We both thought this was dumb since most roller coasters are benches. But oh well, we just rode other rides. 
That night we had family home evening with our investigator, Heather, and two of her children, Clayton (12) and Abby (9). We taught them the Restoration using an object lesson with cups. (I did this lesson with the kids in my Sunday school class). I love this object lesson because it makes sense! They loved this lesson and we asked them if they would be baptized. Clayton and Abby seemed really excited and said they wanted to. Heather seemed a little more hesitant, but said she would pray about it. We have Clayton and Abby each their own Book of Mormon since Heather already had one. I had Clayton read Joseph Smith's words about the Vision and the Spirit was so strong and powerful! It was so amazing and it felt wonderful. After he finished reading it, Sister Barnes asked how they each felt about that. They all said happy and good, which was so amazing! Clayton offered to say the closing prayer and then we ended with Monopoly and some treats. Their family so sweet and we love them all. They also have 2 boys that are 17 and 18 who are autistic, but they are always in bed when we come over. 
Tuesday we went tracting a lot and didn't have much luck but we found a Utah avenue! and took a picture of course! :) 
Wednesday we did our usual Volleyball with the nonmember ladies and volunteering at the St. Vincents store. We met one of our ward missionaries to go tracting on a street near the church. There we met a new investigator,Crystal. She was so sweet and loved our lesson about families. She asked us to come back and teach her and her family more so we will be doing that this week and I am very excited. Then we went to visit a less active and found out she is too busy for us so we tracted the rest of her street and found a new investigator named Bruce. He told us that him and his wife would love to hear our message and that they have the Jehovah's Witnesses over every week too. Our goal is to lead them over to our side haha. We haven't been able to meet with both of them yet though so we have yet to do that. 
Thursday we went to help one of our investigators, Ellen, with setting up a garage sale for her. She is the one moving to Florida which makes it hard to teach her since she will be leaving soon, but we do our best to still teach her things while we serve her and bring the spirit in. She was so grateful for our help and before we left, asked to say a prayer with us to thank God for our help. She loves us very much, but I don't think she really wants to join the church...we will see. So we helped her set up and got it all ready for the weekend. When we got home Sister Barnes and I were exhausted and hurried and went to bed quick after planning.
Friday we got up and went to Ellen's again and opened up the sale. There weren't too many people, but we got some sales. We were there all morning and then we had to go to some appointments later in the afternoon. We had a dinner appointment with a family that are strong members. We were going to teach a less active in their home but she cancelled so we just had dinner with the family. They have a daughter that is leaving for her mission to Guatemala City tomorrow and so we talked to her about what to kind of expect and gave her some good advice. It went so well and I just couldn't believe that I was in her seat about 2 months ago! It went by so fast!
Saturday was another day at Ellen's and she was able to sell a lot of her furniture and big items. We had some appointments earlier though so we left a little after lunch time and went to see some families we met before. None of them were home unfortunately so we went to a auto body shop to get an estimate for our car. A while ago someone keyed our car so the mission office told us we needed to get it fixed. We will probably have that done with week so we will be riding bikes a lot this week!....ha I still don't know how I feel about it.
Sunday went well and Malia Torbenson (The missionary going to Guatemala) gave her farewell talk. It was so good and I teared up a lot. After church they had an open house and we went and socialized there. By the time we got home last night we were soo tired and pooped from this week. I slept very good last night.
I love you all and hope you have a good week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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