Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 10 Golden Investigators

Hey Family and Friends!
I Hope all is well and everyone is feeling better. Seems like there are a few people getting sick and stuff. Well this week was good as usual. Sister Barnes and I were able to give out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon! That was awesome and we cant wait to go and follow up with those people. We had a Zone training this Tuesday and they all challenged us to give out one Book of Mormon a day so we were close to making that goal with 4. We have had pretty good success in one of the neighborhoods and we were able to meet Paco who seemed so excited about family history and the importance of families so we will go back and see him this week hopefully. We had a lesson with some twins that are 8 years old and we are preparing them for their baptism, but they haven't been coming to church so that makes us sad. Hopefully they will start coming next week.
Mom, you will be so proud of me this week! So a member in our ward (Sister Roberts) asked us if we could come over to help her plant some flowers. We of course said yes and both figured it would be easy anyway. Well we had no idea that she didn't really know how to plant things in the ground, and Sister Barnes didn't really even know either so I thought back to what my wonderful gardener mother has taught me :) We planted two Hydrangeas and several Geraniums. The work took longer than we all expected so Sister Roberts offered to take us to Culvers for dinner and dessert. We graciously accepted :) So thanks Mom for the lessons, see I listened :)
We also received an awesome media referral and went out to visit this older couple. They were super interested and have been looking for a church to support for quite a while. so perfect! during our lesson on the Restoration, Linda and Jeff has numerous questions and basically asked what they needed to do to be baptized! Ah I love these kind of investigators! :) I see a baptism happening shortly :)
Last night we turned in our car to the auto body shop because it needs a new paint job. We are going to be depending a lot upon some bikes that a member has let us borrow. We biked to the library today actually. Haha so please pray for Sister Barnes and I and we work our legs a lot this week. It should be raining this week too haha. Well I love you all so much! The Gospel is true and I know it brings so much happiness! Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton 

All the girls in the Green Bay South Zone 

Chicken Rolls

2 months down! 

New Sunglasses 

"9 months down for my sweet missionary!" 

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