Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 8 "Costco"

Dear Family and Friends,
How is everyone doing? I am doing well and this week went pretty good too. We gained two new investigators and are very excited to teach them. Their names are Jon and Sarah and they have a few kids so that is a plus! They go to the celebration church, but we hope to get them going to our church soon. We don't really like the celebration church up here, we lose a lot of our investigators to that church haha but that is ok.
Tonight Sister Barnes and I are going over to our investigator's (Heather) house and going to have a family home evening with her and her family. I am so excited and I know her kids will love it. We are going to teach them the restoration and then play a game that they choose. Heather is really good at baking cakes so she said she might make one :) She showed us her the cakes she made in the past and they were really cool. She makes them like Ryley does. So I am excited to see how tonight turns out and we hope they will commit to going to church and baptism.

This last Friday was the new missionary training for all of us that came in April so we drove down to Oshkosh and had a good meeting. I learned how to tie family history and the restoration together a lot better. We had delicious food and I actually ate like everything that was on the table lol They made like a lasagne casserole with penne noodles instead of lasagne noodles and they had french bread and some yummy key lime bars. I was full. 
We also found a Costco and were so excited because we hate Walmart's prices. I kept forgetting that we need a membership to get in though so Sister Barnes is going to buy one maybe so we can save more money. Sister Barnes is going home in July anyway so we will get to use it when she goes home also. We decided it was a good plan. While trying to find Costco we found a town litterally named Eaton Town! So so weird. I took some pictures though.
Sorry this email is super short. I forgot my old planner that has all what happened :/ So I am trying my best here to remember haha 
Transfers are this Wednesday but I am staying of course because I am being trained.
Thank you for all the letters and cards this week! I love you all. Have a good week!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

My last district. Everyone stayed except one sister

Eaton Truck and Auto 

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