Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 11 Christ has been there

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a good week this week and I hope everyone is doing well. This week wasn't the best. Sister Barnes and I had a lot of let downs and cancellations. Plenty of opportunities to tract then, but still it was a really hard week. We started out really positive and we had a lot of lessons planned out. We were meeting with Heather and her family and we were very excited to meet with the Gillis couple who seemed extremely excited and wanting to be baptized already. Biking everywhere wasn't too bad either. There were time where the hills were painful but it was nice to be outside and enjoy the nice weather. I did get a lot of mosquito bites on my legs and one look kind of severe and big as it started to swell and everything. We just watched it for a few days and I pretty much coated the gigantic bite with Tiger Balm (This is the best stuff ever) every morning and night. That seemed to help a lot and now it is pretty much gone and doesn't itch at all. I have pictures of that :) The last few days of the week I wore my tall boots to protect my legs from being eaten alive and that helped too. 
One morning as we were starting our bike trip out to the church one of our neighbors stopped us and asked us where we were going on bikes and where was our car. He told us we were crazy for riding our bikes when it was going to rain. He told us we should just go back home because we weren't going to get anything done on bikes...ha well we just laughed and wished him a good day and continued our voyage. It didn't rain that day. :)
Well as I mentioned the two families for this last week, they ended up both cancelling on us. Heather and her family were ok because her son, Clayton, has pink eye so we totally understand there. But Linda and Jeff Gillis were the ones that genuinely broke our hearts the most. They seemed all pumped and excited about it on Tuesday, they called and said they would be there. Friday came and we went to the church to meet them there. It was 3:00 and they still hadn't showed up so we called them and Linda apologized and said they weren't coming today. They told us that they decided they didn't want to go through with it and that it wasn't the right time for them. Our hearts shattered as our golden investigators just broke up with us...darn it...So we sat in our car (Got our car back on Thursday which was a blessing) and just didn't know what to do next. We were too depressed to go teach other people for it would bring more rejection. We opened up Preach My Gospel and turned to the "A Successful Missionary" section. We went over things that maybe we could be working on and doing better at. It was hard to not be able to know why Heavenly Father gave us this trial. There were a few things that we will be working on to become better missionaries, but overall we felt that we were good people and good missionaries. We drove home to go make dinner and things kind of just got worse. The member we live with wasn't very happy with us and started pointed things out that we have failed at or done wrong. She got mad at the things hung on our walls, but we tried to explain that those have been there the whole time and we didn't put them up. Just a lot of things we weren't even aware that bugged her and she kind of just blew up about everything. We felt even worse and just were so confused. It has been a big challenged the past few days with the member (Sister Bartell) and we have talked to our sister training leaders about it. They notified the President and now we are just waiting to see what happens. Sister Bartell isn't a bad person, she can be a really nice and sweet lady, but she is just really difficult to live with and we have tried to settle things with her before and nothing really works. But I guess on the plus side, it makes us stay out and work because we never want to go back to the house...Well sorry to leave on this sad note. We are still waiting to hear what is going to happen. I love you all though and I hope this weeks goes better for all of us. I am looking foreard to today though because we are going to go to a Target! :) I am having major Target withdrawals so I hope this helps haha
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

A cute yogurt shop 

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