Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 13: Expiration Dates

Hey Family and Friends,
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and did something fun! As missionaries we can't do too much for the 4th, but we definitely were able to celebrate it in our own way :) So up here in Green Bay we all LOVE volleyball and we usually play it at least 2 times a week. Friday nights we always get together with other investigators and play volleyball so that is what we did for the 4th of July. This time though, it was just the missionaries and a  few members that organize the event. We all met at the church around 6:00 and started playing. I had jumped in the game and a few of the elders started to jokingly complain that they didn't want me on their team. I just laughed and started to play. The first serve came and I totally spiked it and made the first point. It was funny to look back and see their faces as they start to regret what they had said earlier. They all gave me a high five and gladly welcomed me on the team. haha elders are dumb sometimes. Then the coolest thing happened. So later I was in the back row in the corner and I wasn't really paying attention because the ball wasn't coming to me for a while. The ball suddenly flew towards me and I had the quickest reflexes and bumped it back. Then the gym seriously went silent as they all watched the ball to see where it would go. As I looked up I saw it head right toward the basketball hoop. I was thinking, "no way could this happen!" Sure enough it swished right into the basket! It definitely didn't count as a point because if it hits the basketball hoop it is out but man it was just such a magical feeling haha everyone jumped up and cheered. Elders were hugging each other and it was just the most hilarious thing. I was dying in the corner laughing and I just couldn't contain myself. It was a fun night and we saw a few fireworks as we drove home but then we had to go to bed.
The rest of the week went ok though. We did have one of our investigators drop us, but we weren't too upset with it. We just tried to keep our spirits high and keep going.
Sister Barnes will be leaving to go home soon and I am getting a little nervous and anxious. I am happy for her to be able to finish up her mission, but I am having a hard time wanting her to leave because I am nervous about my new companion and just the change in general. I have been having a little bit of anxiety and that makes me nervous also because of the small panic attack I had a few years ago. I am trying to breath and not be dramatic about it because it is probably nothing, but I am just nervous and I don't know how to calm it down. It is hard for me to listen to all the people and Sister Barnes talk about how she will be going home soon and everything. I have heard it about million times and it just makes me more nervous. I really don't like it being brought up, but I don't say anything because I don't want to sound selfish or anything. I am doing better though because yesterday we kind of just relaxed more because I needed to calm down and let myself breath. Stress is a normal part of being a missionary though so I know I just need to get through it.
On that note, I must tell you the rest of how the 4th went. It was just the most interesting day. So earlier before volleyball, at around lunch time we had a lunch appointment with a less active member. She is in interesting person and I have to try my hardest to be Christlike about her. Amber is a hoarder with food. She loves food storage which is great, but I don't think she is very aware of the expiration dates so meals with her get very interesting. She had us over for lunch and she had mentioned something about hash browns. We figured that would be safe so she started to bring out some food. Cottage cheese that had expired the day before which probably wasn't going to be too bad, some mushy fruit that she said she had had for a while in her pantry..? and she needed to get rid of. (Does fruit usually go in the pantry?) and then 2 left over dessert cups that expired...June 25, 2014. Lovely. Amber was in the kitchen preparing the "next course" as she said it so she didn't hear or see us and our reactions. I didn't take any of the fruit or cottage cheese, but I thought maybe the dessert cups would be ok. They looked fine ...I thought I examined one of them pretty well. I ripped pieces off and ate them slowly. I watched Sister Barnes attempt the mushy fruit. She gave a sour look and gulped it down. She grabbed the last dessert cup and examined it as well. As I swallowed my last bite she looks up at me with a hesitant look. "What?" She replies, "There's mold on these...". Oh dear...I had just ate one of those...We can't contain ourselves as we try not to laugh. Sister Barnes asked Amber for some napkins and got up and got a stack...we were going to need ALL of these.  I am so glad my cousin Stephanie had told me about what she did about all the fried chicken she would get in North Carolina so we put her theory to the test. Quickly, we wrapped the remaining's of the mushy fruit and cake into the napkins and placed them in Sister Barnes' purse before Amber walked back to the table with the 2nd course of food....We were dying inside as she had no idea.
Amber comes back with her hash brown casserole as she called it all mushed together in a container that she had just taken out of the microwave. Awesome. We thought she meant like freshly made hash browns...? We served ourselves and now we must eat with her sitting at the table with us. I take a bite...Cold. Oh wow. If it had been warmed up a little bit more it probably wouldn't have been that bad, but then again we don't know how old it was. I was looking at my watch at this time, counting down the minutes until we could be done with all these courses.
That was quite an adventure and I am glad I am still living to tell this story. haha sorry for such a long email. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Remember eat all your food before it expires and if you have something that expired PLEASE don't feed it to the missionaries! Throw it away! Thanks :)
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
P.S. Milk can actually last a week after the expiration date! Found that out the hard way :p

 Pretty Wisconsin Sunset

"Mom when did you open a pub?"

playing with Sister Barnes hair

A true Murican

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