Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 16: I AM BLESSED!

Dear Family and Friends!
So this week went a lot better! My new companion and I are getting along A LOT better. Wednesday night we both opened up a lot and it really helped. It is hard for me to open up because I have trust issues and I worry that I will get hurt and things will come back and stab me just because of many past experiences with friends and dumb ex boyfriends so I struggle with that, but Wednesday was good and we had a delicious dinner at Culvers and talked a lot.
I thought this week was just another long week with nothing much really happened. We didn't have much luck with teaching people and no one would answer their door or even let us speak, but after looking back I did notice a lot more miracles than i thought. We have this investigator that has been investigating for more than a year now and he is really on and off about it all. He will come to church and really be progressing and then he will just disappear for a few weeks..usually more like a month. We will try and call him, show up at his house...nothing. So we will drop him because he doesn't seem ready yet, but then he will just randomly show up at church and ask to meet with us again. Robert lives with his fiance and they have two kids together. They are a really nice family, but they have got to get MARRIED! That is the biggest problem here in Wisconsin. Sometimes you find someone who is totally golden and the couple will be totally on board...then you always find out they aren't married and that is the brick wall everyone hits. It is really quite annoying and it is something that us missionaries just really don't understand at all! We asked one of the ladies we do service for about that because she isn't a member and she has lived with her "boyfriend"? ( It is weird to call them that when they are like 60...) for about 15 years. We asked why people don't get married here and she said it was because no one wants to inherit their "significant other's" debt". I think that is the dumbest thing ever and if you really love them that wouldn't matter enough to not get married. So that is just a struggle here and we are working on getting Robert and Samantha married sometime before I leave the area haha. Well Sis Barnes and I had dropped him and then Robert showed up at church last week and it was just so crazy. He wanted to meet with us a lot during the week and that went well. I am hoping this is the last time we had to drop him because he seems like he wants to change his life now. for sure. We had a stake picnic on Saturday and went very well. The Green Bay stake is all of Green Bay and pretty much everything above it all the way to Marquette, Michigan. It is a big area, but not too many people. Robert and Samantha did show up too so that was good, but we wish the members would fellowship them more. That is the big issue in our ward but things are being changed. We also got to play tennis and I was in HEAVEN! Tennis courts are everywhere here!
We also experienced an awesome miracle Sunday morning. We really needed to get some lessons for the week because we did really bad and we weren't going to make our goal. So we went to a neighborhood before church (1:00 church..hate it) and i said a prayer that we would be able to reach our goal of 4 for the day and that the people we talk to would have an open heart and at least listen to us. I had to really walk in faith with this because I hated tracting and I always freeze up when people open their door. We were able to reach our goal for the day and it was awesome! We got 4 lessons in 30 minutes! It really strengthened my faith and testimony and it really helped me know that God is there and He is watching our for all of us. If we just put our faith in Him and trust Him, good things will happen! I am so grateful for where I am in my life right now. I know that this mission will be so good for me and I will learn a lot from it. Heavenly Father has definitely been there for me and I know I couldn't have done anything without him. I am so grateful for my family and all they do for me and also Cody's family because they have taken me in and been so good to me. I am truly blessed to have Cody in my life. I know he needs me and I need him :) We are a great team together. My mission is hard, but I am doing well and growing up so much ( I know my siblings are excited for that haha) I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
Sister Olsen after Tennis..we were terribly sweaty and gross but still managed to look beautiful!

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