Monday, July 7, 2014

12 weeks: Kite festival

Hey everyone :)
This week was kind of crazy. We had such a fun Pday last week though. We went back to ride the "Zippin Pippin" and we were able to ride it just fine. It is similar to the White Roller Coaster at Lagoon, but much more "zippier" haha. We enjoyed it. We drove down to Broadway St. and looked at all their little shops there. A lot of interesting things. There was this Antique store that just had a lot of "stuff" haha nothing I would want, but then they had all these amazing vintage dresses and I was in heaven! I took a million pictures of them, but I won't make my sweet sister upload all of them so I will throw in a few. Anyway, then we found this candy shop and they had a lot of interesting and weird stuff there. I bought some Jelly Bellys because I miss those. We had a lesson with the 2 young girls who are 8 and wanted to be baptized. That went well, but unfortunately they didn't come to church this week so we had to drop their baptism date :( We are going to need to work harder this week since we don't have any baptisms set up anymore. Hopefully there is someone out there that had an open heart and has a desire to change their life for the better. Please pray for Sister Barnes and I as we go out this week to find new investigators.We also went to Target! and I was in Heaven once more. I missed that happy to find out that there is one about 2 miles from us :) 
We had exchanges this Tuesday night and Wednesday. That went alright. Those aren't my favorite, but at least I get to drive then. We did it kind of different this time though because of the tough situation at home with the member. Sister Barnes and I both slept over at the sister training leaders apartment and then just split up Wednesday. I went with Sister Arnold again. We get along for the most part, but she isn't my most favorite person. It was nice to get away from the member's home and to get a feel for an apartment. I have never had that opportunity to stay in one yet so I look forward to that someday.  Exchanges went well though.
Sister Barnes and I had our interviews early with President Cutler this last Friday to talk about what was going on with living with the member. He just wanted to know what was all happening. I was a little frustrated because I knew it was going to be one of those talks where you say everything that is happening and they are concerned for you, but then they tell you to just keep going and deal with it. That is what happened and so we won't be moving. I am really trying to be happy about it and try to find the blessing that will come from this though. It is a challenge for me so please pray that the living situation will get better because I am going to be here longer than Sister Barnes since she will be going home July 22. 
We also were able to volunteer for a kite festival! It was soo cool and I was dumb enough to not have my camera with me... :/ oops but the kites were amazing and it was just an amazing atmosphere. It was so fun for the family and I wish Utah had something like this. They actually have like Kite flying teams haha I could see Dad getting into that :p We got to do the face painting for all the kids. It was really fun and my artist really came out. Many kids wanted the Batman symbol and I was happy to do that. Instead of face paint though we used Crayola water color pencils and dipped them in water! I have never heard of that before and it worked really well and not as messy. It is really fun and Sister Barnes and I had fun practicing on our own arms.  We also were able to become good friends with some ladies there who painted also and one of the lady's little girl, Autumn. They were super nice and we had lots of fun painting things on each others faces. We didn't drill into religion with them, but I know we started a good relationship with them because they now know that Mormons are actually nice and can have fun. So hopefully that planted a seed :) Well I must go! I hope all of you are doing well! I love you all and will see you very soon!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

thought this was pretty funny. We went to a district meeting in a city called Shawano (Shawno) which is about 45 minutes from Green Bay and I guess Justin Beiber is running for sheriff there...that's a scary thought

HUGE spider in the shower. Sister Barnes had to kill it for me. 

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