Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 16 2015

Hello Family and Friends,
This week really flew by! I think because of Daylight Savings time. Who knew an hour would make such a difference! 
Sister Wood and I did a lot of street contacting this last week. We have a goal this week to find 1 solid investigator. We need to build up our teaching pool again so pray that we can find more people that will progress and so this area can be a baptizing area again! 
This last Monday we had a wonderful lesson with a part member family. The wife had 5 kids with her previous husband and they are all unbaptized so the sisters have been working with this family for a while. They do struggle as a family and do have a lot of contention in the home, but it actually went pretty well. We explained to them where the Book of Mormon came from and we have an awesome demo we use. We draw a map of the world (I always end up drawing it because my comps say i get all the countries right :P) and then talk about how the Bible was revelation given to the prophets at that time in Jerusalem. Then we introduce a family who was living in Jerusalem around 600 B.C. and the father, Lehi, was also a prophet. Him and his family were told by God that they needed to leave Jerusalem because it was going to be destroyed. We go over how they left and traveled in the wilderness. We draw it on the map and show that they built a boat and sailed to the Americas. Then we briefly talk about that since Lehi was still a prophet he could receive revelation anywhere he was so when he did it was written down and all those writings were made into another book. We ask them what they think that book could be and most people don't know. We then present the Book of Mormon to them and people are surprised. Then we talk about that Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection are talked about both in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how God loves all his children and He wouldn't leave any of them out. It ends up being a really cool lesson and people are able to see the Book of Mormon from a different perspective. Most people can understand it more since they have a visual now. I really like using this way to explain it because people seem to be more receptive of it and it helped me a lot to know what it is about too. 
After we explained it a lot of the kids and even the parents looked like they finally got it. The parents really liked that way of explaining it and thanked us for showing it to all of them. They said they were going to start reading the Book of Mormon again now that they understand it better. It made me feel really good inside :) I felt like I actually taught something right haha.
On Wednesday, we went to Lake Geneva and had a fun time as always.  You all know how I love Lake Geneva. We were able to talk to one of the volunteers at the food pantry a little about the gospel and she seemed a little interested. We will talk to her more this Wednesday :) We also ran into this black lady that was such a crack up. We were just giving her a card about the new video coming out for Easter (By the way, watch that on March 28th when it comes out! helives.mormon.org ) and she immediately gave us a hug and asked if we were Mormon. We said yes and she shouted, " I love Mormons!". haha her name was Bobby and was just the best. She said she knew Rick Elliot, the organist for the Tabernacle Choir, and was so happy to see more members from his church. We had a great visit with her, but she said she would never join because of our past with blacks and that she thinks we don't need a prophet to tell us what to do...we kind of froze and didn't know how to respond to that so we just smiled and were friendly with her. We weren't able to get her info but i know that she will be baptized one day! She was awesome. 
On Friday we went to Burlington and had a blast with Susan Claeys (the member that drives us around in Burlington on Fridays). We were able to find a family who are less active but are so sweet and really want to come back to church. Susan owns Vezsla dogs (Hunting dogs) and were driving down a highway with her when we saw a lady walking her dog and Susan saw that it was a Vezsla breed of dog so she rolled down her window and yelled to the lady if it was a Vezsla. Then she started doing a sale across the street because Susan has Vezsla puppies that she is trying to sell. It was just so hilarious. Sister Wood and I were laughing hysterically and we could not stop. Susan then pulls into a gas station and the lady walks across the street and they start talking. Susan asks us to give her a He Lives card so she could put her info on it and also share the video with her. Man, someone give Susan a name tag! She is missionary quality! It was a fun day :) 
Saturday we went back to Lake Geneva to visit another part memeber family. The husband in a less active member and then the wife and kids are not members. We showed Chris (the wife) the Book of Mormon map and she loved it! it was an awesome experience and we will be going over there again next Wednesday. It was a good week overall and i think part of it is because of the sunny warm weather! yay!
please remember to not send anything to my current address after today. I will get the info of if i will be transferring on Saturday and i will let you know where i will be going next monday! i love you all! hope you have a great week! sorry for no pictures this week. the computer wont read my camera again. next week i will send them though.
love you!
love sister emily sarah eaton

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