Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 9 2015

Hey Family & Friends,
It has been quite a week! We had Zone Conference on Tuesday in Kenosha and it went pretty well. The Zone leaders, APs, and STLs had great trainings. President Cutler trained on the Plan of Salvation and it was so fun to go into dept. The Plan of Salvation is always my favorite topic to talk about and discuss. I love talking about families and eternity with people. I have such a strong testimony about that so it is a little easier and I feel more comfortable talking about it and sharing my testimony about it. On March 21st we will be gathering as a whole entire mission to Milwaukee for a special conference with an Apostle and one of the seventy. We are all so excited and none of us know who it is going to be yet. It is going to be awesome and I hear that Apostles are what brings the iPads....haha but that isn't what is important here. So missionaries from the Yopee, which is the upper peninsula of Michigan, all the way down to Platteville, Janesville, Lake Geneva, and Kenosha will all gather at the Milwaukee South Stake center to come hear an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints speak to us! Its pretty exciting :) but with that comes less miles for everyone! We had a huge cut on our milage so that everyone can make it to this awesome conference. We went from 1350 to 975 haha so we are doing our best to use the members for rides. So far it hasn't been too bad, but its only the beginning of the month. Pray for us :)
We were able to get back in contact with one of our investigators, Brittney, on Friday and it was awesome! She is so sweet and so ready. Remi dropped us this last week so we are sad about that but not trying to dwell on it too much! there are plenty of other people out there who are ready to jump in the font!
I am sorry this is so short this week!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Remember that transfers are the 25th of March so dont send anything to the apartment after about the 14th of March! love you all!
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton

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