Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30 2015

Hey Family and Friends,
It has been a really crazy week. I got transferred on Wednesday and now I am in Madison. It is a cute place. It looks like Daybreak only 10 times bigger. So i really enjoy the houses here and such. The ward is great. Full of returned missionary newly wed couples. They are all so fun to be around. There is actually a guy (picture attached) in the ward that was Aaron's friend in high school. I ran into him at church yesterday. He said his brother also worked for you Dad a while ago. I can't remember the last name though haha 
I think I have talked to more people in these past few days then in my whole life! It has been a great experience and its not as scary...i wouldn't say I am completely comfortable with it yet though. But it is getting easier. We had two great lessons last night. We talked about the Restoration on the porch and it was just so powerful. Who knew the porch could be a spiritual place haha 
Overall, things are going well. I like this new area, but just kind of struggling to adjust to a few things. Please just pray for me. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Sorry this is so short.
Love Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
 My new address! 
6702 Schroeder Road #11
Madison, WI 53711

Please send me mail! haha i miss getting letters. Also during transfers please send mail to the mission address. i know i told you other wise but its just better that way. sorry for all the confusion. 
thanks love ya!

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