Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 23 2015

Hello Family and Friends!!
I am being transferred just like I predicted! I can't believe it has already been 6 months since I got to Elkhorn. I am going to really miss it here, but I know I am needed elsewhere....which is.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....MADISON 4 WITH SISTER OSMOND! Yep that is Sister Osmond who is Donny and Marie Osmond's niece :p crazy huh?!
I will be leaving on Wednesday and will most likely ride from Milwaukee to Oshkosh and then to Madison. I can't believe I am going to Madison! It is going to be such a blast! Please remember to not send anything to the Elkhorn address now. If you must send anything send it to my mission office address and it will get forwarded to me. I will know my current address in Madison when I get there and I will email it to you next pday. Sorry you have to wait so long...I don't understand the rules either sometimes...
It has been a great week though. We were able to have a huge mission conference on Saturday and we got to hear from Elder Christiansen from the Seventy Presidency. There was also Elder Ward from the Area Seventy and Elder (err sorry i don't remember his name :/). We were supposed to have Elder L. Tom Perry come but he was reassigned to a different area, but that is ok. It was such a powerful meeting and it was so fun to see all the missionaries in my mission. We don't have a ton, but when we all got in for a picture it sure seemed like a lot more than I thought. Our meeting was mostly on the Atonement and then the last hour Elder Christiansen told us we could ask questions we wanted to know. They turned out to be really good and deep questions and it was fun to hear a lot of people's insights and such. I really learned so much and I was able to receive a lot of helpful revelation for me, my mission, and my future. One thing that really stood out to me that was said by Elder Christiansen was, "Heavenly Father never forgets His missionaries!" It definitely brought tears to my eyes. Being out here can get discouraging sometimes and you can feel like you have been forgotten so hearing that really helped and it was a good reminder that God knows our situation and knows our needs. I have really been able to have a deeper understanding of the Atonement also. Not just on Saturday, but throughout my mission. It has been such a great experience and I am really beginning to see that the Atonement is so important in our lives. Without it we would really be nothing. It is truly the center and we could not do anything without our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have had my testimony and faith in Christ really strengthen out here and I am realizing that in order to have success or be able to get through trials I need to call upon Him. I know He is just waiting to pour out blessings for me. I just need to ask and line my will up with His will. I know these things are true and I know that this is the true church. I have 7 short months to make it real for others so I better get out and do that! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for the support and love you all have given me. I truly couldn't have done anything without my family and friends and Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful week and wish me luck as I am off to Madison...maybe my last area?! who knows!
Sister Emily Sarah Eaton
P.S. it totally randomly snowed this morning :/ grr

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